Can we get more guest stars on locust please

There’s almost twice as many cog than locust and the locust don’t have that many good communication things going on, you can barely understand what they are saying none if them have a silly laugh or boo I want the locust to be just as fun as the cog, why not put in Kane from wwf or the predator, or maybe other characters from old video games and movies that would take much to get an agreement to have in the game, we want more

YOU want more. Have you seen the forums? The Swarm and Locust are pretty easy to understand to me, especially since they made RAAM take 2 hours to speak every syllable and gave him a robotic filter to boot.

The monsters are not meant to be silly. Hell, some… or most would argue that the humans shouldn’t be goofy. If any guests make it to the Swarm team, they should fit the theme of monsters (I don’t agree with robotic enemies like the Terminator since their footsteps clash with the DeeBees).


F*ck it.

Microsoft owns the DOOM license now, throw in some ■■■■■■■ demons. Hell Knight and Revenant are a good start to beef up the swarm lineup.

And while we’re at it, let’s get the nazi killing machine BJ Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein.

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I’m the biggest Kane fan but we don’t need any guests on the Locust side.

We need actual characters like Flame Grenadier, Sniper, Hunter, Golden Miner etc.


Hell, the Locust have way better dialogue than the cog do.

You can add all the locust variants from gears 3, it’ll boost the numbers for sure, Savage marauder etc

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An Elite Zealot and a Brute Chieftain (or Atriox/ Tartarus) are reasonable guest characters for the Locust side, They mirror the two Spartans on the COG side.

If I didn’t dislike feature characters I would say Atriox is actually a good fit because he seems like a fairly brutal and ruthless character while being a smart leader… and we all know what the Locust are like.

I’m not against guest characters, even though I personally duslike the terminators and WWE characters. I would prefer locust such as: Boomers, Ragers , Kantus and Drone [Including Theron and Grenadier] variants be added with priority.


Maybe Predator could fit that role on the locust? With a special spine rip execution too?

We have MKX for that.

Now, this I could support over these new color blast… That aren’t really color blast.

I think something like this would work

I really think BULLET STORM would make a brilliant crossover…not Inc Duke

No. As much as I love Kane, and the Undertaker for that matter, and would rather have had them in the game than the boring trio known as “The New Day”, it just wouldn’t be right on the Swarm team. It’d be even worse than the COG. Fortunately, besides some mishaps like the Krampus Scion, the Swarm/Locust don’t have too many ridiculous characters…yet.

Personally I’d have had no 3rd party characters in the game whatsoever. None. Just Gears of War lore characters.

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No more guest characters. We have to draw a line. We have ■■■■■■■ wwe wrestlers in the game. Enough is enough

You gotta give the Krampus Scion some credit. He’s pretty well designed (as in there was a lot of effort put in him). Plus he’s a Christmas skin, and holiday skins are bound to be goofy.

Cacodemon as Swarm character when?


That’s true.

He is a well designed mishap.

People would absolutely throw the biggest hissy fit.

…But, a Marauder on the Swarm side would be so sick.

Guest stars are so FUHHHHKING STUPID!!!

TC bums for that.

More gears PLEASE

I swear casuals & their freakin brilliant IDEAS :bulb:

Least we can tell who is a game hopper & yeah TC will cater to these people because they’re a disgrace.

Why not bring in peach, Mario, Luigi while they’re at it!!

You casuals want those character then GO PLAY THOSE GAMES!!!

They’ll give you what you want though. Don’t worry. They only listen to people who hop the game.