Can we get Juvie madness back as a playlist option for private Horde?

I missed out on the original event and after watching some videos of it on YouTube, it looks like tremendous fun.

Can we get it added as a playlist option for private Horde games @the-coalition ?

We have most modes available, but not this one.



Please, no

I would love something like that for Private Horde

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Agreed, it was a blast training them as scout like COD zombies and not even getting close to death. Then watching the feed light up as a heavy killed everything with 1 boomshot. Good times.


I would do that all the time. Just training them and watching the kills fill the screen. Awesome Macho Man pic btw

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Every option should be available for private horde.

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This could make the newest three Horde Achievements, kinda easy.

I second that motion.

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This request is purely coming from a fun perspective. They could make it excluded from the three new achievements if they were concerned about it.

I don’t think that’s reason enough to exclude it, personally :slight_smile:

I don’t see a problem with the achievements being obtainable in Juvi madness. I feel bad for players that are still trying to get these achievements, particularly ‘Do You Even Lift’ without doing the BS method posted on TA.

We might do in the future. Right now, we’re more focused on keeping them as the only true Horde events so it’s exciting when they appear.


Thanks for chiming in! I’ll look forward to seeing them in the future then :slight_smile: