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Can we get horde lite back asap please?

I liked having the option to do a 1-25 horde match in gears 4. It was great for when you didn’t have time for a full 50.

I find it really odd that this mode wasn’t included at launch.

I really hope to see it back asap. The sooner the better.

PS: I know there are various issues with this horde mode. I want to keep this discussion soley to horde lite.

Whether they fix our issues with horde, or not, I personally want the horde lite variant adding either way.


I’d imagine we’ll get more horde variants including the lite version. Be a bit stupid not to based on how much support horde got in Gears 4

25 wave variants would be great, as alot of people disconnect or leave after the first couple of boss waves…

Yes, we really need a horde lite. It’s sad to see them take steps backwards and not include what was found to be needed in the previous title.

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It will probably come back. Just give it time, say several months. The game is not done yet you know.

Can we stop with this “give them time” rhetoric?

It was part of Gears 4 and remained there as a staple horde mode. It should have been included at launch.

I’m not saying it’s a two second job, but it’s a server side playlist, that doesn’t require a title update to add.

Host a custom lobby and label it quick 1 to 25 run and like minded players can/will join.

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Nice thinking. :slight_smile:

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