Can we get an ETA on the allies fix?

I heard it was being lowered but does anyone know an ETA on when its happening? I’m just here for the achievement.

Just like a lot of other things we wont get a straight answer


I’m afraid you might be right, Just hoping they say something like “within the next 2 weeks” just so i don’t have to do another 1971.3 rounds of versus guardian.

kinda wish difficulty had an affect on the allies points. would play against insane A.I.s everytime if it gave 30 a round instead of 10.

They said on a devstream it’s gonna be sometime in Operation 3. They were gonna roll it out with OP3 launch but there was some bugs. I’m guessing next title update.

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At this point what doesnt???

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Not a Gears game if there’s no bugs

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