Can we get all exterior maps to have changing weather and daytime?

It would be very cool to have more variety . every exterior maps randomly selects a weather like snow, rain, lightning and changing daytime to midday or night time. Would really help the game be diversified. A desert blizzard in vasgar would be cool. And then sometimes no weather conditions at all.

yes ? no? maybe?


Yes :+1:


Yes Please🤞🏼


Still remember that Razer Hail map from Gears 2. Good times.


We have been asking for this and I hope TC might still add this feature.
Might actually be worth tagging someone on this one.
@TC_Sera @TC_MichaelAOS this has come up before but it’s still a very good idea. Hope you can pass it on to the team. Merry Christmas to you and the team. :sunglasses:


It’s been months since I notify it as soon as I see a request for new bosses, new enemies or new mutators that they have integrated.
there could also be hail, wind, earthquake and / or eruption (Pahanu) …
The maps are not “alive” and that contributes to deep boredom.


Ummm no.

But suitable weather changes would be fine with me…

Last time in Gears 4 people complained about day/versions of maps we already have, when in reality it probably took the devs 2 seconds to change the time of the map in the engine, I would like to see these kinds of maps back towards the end of the content roll out so people can’t moan about rehashed maps…

As for weather maps I’d like to see more variety in environmental hazards like that map hail from gears 2 for example or the windflare from ‘windflare reclaimed’.

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Night time variants of outdoorsy maps would be great!

Night & day cycles would be good for Horde matches, I’d love to see Asylum in the daytime and Bunker would look soooooooooooo much better at night :joy:


Bring back dynamic weather


Would be cool if it actually adjusted in real time.


I think it would be just one map. And that one map when you play it can be night, day or twilight.

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That’s not too bad either, random

Only way I see them ever doing this would be if Gears 6 also had dynamic weather in the Campaign (for continuity purposes) but as of right now no chance they would ever do it, not only would it probably just make the process take far longer (having to make multiple skyboxes/palates for a map is much harder than just making one) and it would just make every map feel more generic as now every map could be night/day or fall/winter and so on, nevermind the tons of visual bugs it would introduce.

Sand Storm mutator.
Snow Storm mutator.
Thunder and Lighting mutator.
Earthquake mutator.


:sunglasses:Sounds Like a interesting idea, minor weather would give the maps a little variety to the mix, like time-of-day: Dawn - Dusk, i would like to see if it is possible to add destructibles ( like a floor with a spike pit, or explodeable car, crate, etc… hidden in a mix of stuff. but that may be to difficult to add.

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Its not really as simple as changing the “time”

In unreal editor, i dont even think its possible for a unr file (a map) to have multiple, cycling skyboxes.

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Remember when gridlock was nighttime?
Also those features would be cool to see but not until they fix matchmaking


it doesn’t have to be real time weather, they can have them as a setting you set it to, like in a custom match where you have options to change it to day-night or snow-rain. Instead in ranks they select it for you. map settings is the idea here. None of these features are over the top, its majority just different texture maps and using preexisting features that are already included in the game or in previous gears titles.

I’m actually not a huge fan of that. At least for ranked. I don’t think gimmicks like that add anything to the gameplay, and in fact impede it.
But I could see how it could work for PvE modes.