Can we get a weapons update?

In Gears of War 5,they should give us a 3rd sniper weapon and a new frag grenade…
The sniper rifle should be some what a more advanced 3round burst Embar Gun with omly 9 shots, this new Embar should have a 2 second charge rate when fired… If the triggered is held for 3seconds then 1 out of the 3 shots are wasted on not firing fast enough…
The new frag grenade should be a sticky frag with a detonation trigger , By holding down the melee button and then pressing the trigger button to detonate the frag, This new upgraded frag grenade should be a sticky frag that has a 4 detonation or if used by remote trigger instance detonation…

There seems to be a new sniper coming, from what I can gather from the original trailer (seen on Del)

I’m sure we’ll get some kind of new grenades too.

Wasn’t that Markza on Del?

Yes, we will get a weapons udpate…tomorrow

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In the trailer, when Del and Kait are zip lining down, could potentially be a new sniper.

It’s hard to tell, might be a Markza.

But it’s safe to say we will see at least;

-New Rifle
-New Sniper
-New Power Weapon
-New Pistol
-New Grandes
-New Close Range Weapon?

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I was just thinking about a similar thing the other day. Coincidence?

Anyway, I don’t really know how well a sticky grenade would work in Gears. Halo 4 has a sticky grenade launcher which I believe has a (quite long) timer but also can be detonated manually from a distance. Either sticks to targets or the ground/a wall. Or, if I understood your concept, it’s more like a plasma grenade thrown by hand which sticks to stuff.

Getting back on point, I’m not sure if such a design would work in Gears. In the PvE modes perhaps but how useful would it really be in Versus? You’d have to hit someone with it which is not a given when people can, and will, wallbounce, and if you throw it near them it’s likely they’ll just put distance between themselves and the grenade, which will be easier since it won’t bounce in any direction after landing. And we already technically have an explosive that sticks from range with the Torque Bow.

Yep, every Gears we’ve gotten new nades.

Gears 2 -Ink

Gears 3- Incendiary

Gears Judgment - Frags that stick to enemies, Spot and regen nades

Gears 4 - Shocks


That was Stim Grenades that healed.

There was also Kryll Grenades in RAAM’s Shadow.


Much knowledge :+1:

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Soooo basically a breechshot? Add in H.O.D grenades explodes the map and ends the game when you acquire them hehe ecks dee.

To be fair I doubt that we’ll see a new sniper rifle. We’ve got the Longshot, EMBAR and Markza. Long range, mid-range and short(er) range. Concerning sniper rifles, it’s basically covered. Are you referring to the weapon that Dell’s carrying? It’s hard to see, I don’t dare saying if it could concern a new weapon.

We’ve already seen the mace-like weapon that’ll probably functions as a sort of Cleaver on steroids, an improvement of the Lancer (sort of grenade launcher?), a weapon that can shoot crystals can be seen in the scene were those parasites are taking over Deebee’s and killing the COG soldier and on the newly released cover a weapon that seems to resemble a sort of flame thrower, perhaps an improved version of the Scorcher. That’s already four.

My guesses:


  • New weapons for soldiers, though probably not too many
    New Lancer fits in here, perhaps also that Scorcher-like weapon)
  • New Deebee weapons.
    It’s quite likely that Jinn’s been upgrading the Deebee force with some more firepower. Perhaps upgrades for DR1’s and Guardians, with shock-like technology?


  • New weapons for new enemies
    like the mace and the crystal shooting weapon, probably some more

Not referring to a specific group, just a sum up of what wouldn’t fit in the previous categories. Since free roaming will be introduced to the game, including visiting many historical sites, I think it’s likely that we’ll see new weapons from the past. For example another old UIR weapon. I also wouldn’t be surprised if we’d also see a cleverly crafted Outsider/Stranded like weapon.

I agree about, besides already mentioned, extra weapons that would fit into the categories of grenades, power weapon and pistol. Shotgun wise we’ve already got the Gnasher and Overkill, it’s not likely we’ll get another one. That mace-like weapon would fit the close range weapon you’re suggesting, as would the new lancer to your rifle suggestion.

Lol thank you for reminding me of the name.

I never used them. Just remembered that people used to throw them down before a shotty battle and fight in them :smile:

It’s actually not a Scorcher: the weapon Del’s holding on the official logo is a freezing weapon, the new crystal-shooting weapon can apparently block chainsaws and Kait’s holding a new pistol:


If you scroll down to the Versus subheading about half-way down - the picture showing Fahz in a chainsaw duel - in the background you can see someone carrying that weapon firing what looks like ice. There’s a Swarm enemy there that is completely blue and looks like it’s frozen.

Its called the cryo cannon that freezes enemies. There is also a flashbang grenade