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Can we get a REAL Delivery Driver Mac skin?

Like this:

It’s what Mac actually looked like as a delivery driver in their own comic and it looks a good deal more Gears-ish than the current DDM. Why on earth did they go with Sweater Mac instead??


It seems like the sweater version was early version of Mac. Before the different hairstyle.

I’m glad they changed it for the comic, then. Wish they’d done the same for the skin.

That would definitely have been a better Mac skin, yeah. We have no idea if another Mac skin coming in future.


He’s a crap character anyway. I’d pay 2000 iron to wipe Mac lahni and keegan from the game.,…


He is a TRAGIC crap character. :slightly_frowning_face:


Some people are just special and cant let go.

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But the fact is here, now, in market, deliver Mac is horrible…

At the contrary, Lahni is great. But 750 irons, i found it’s a bad joke… When hivebuster Marcus was 500.

TC seek all methods for money, money, and money.
I dislike it.

To each their own but i think their stories are really good.

The stories in the comics are ok but I think their base skins on gears 5 suck and macs character is completely out of place in the game…in my opinion


Visually or their personality? I always thought Mac and Lahni didn’t fit the visual style, but chalked it up to them not wearing regular cog armor.

Lol i do remember someone who is Scottish was talking about his accent being terrible but i think the strangest thing about him is the whole uncle is his dad thing.

Considering 99% of players know nothing about them it probably would have been in TC’s interest to have a little mini campaign about them.

Just out of curiosity what is it about mac’s character that makes him feel out of place to you?


His kind of whacky silly phrases and his look. He’s unlike pretty much every other character in the franchise. I know dizzy was a bit crazy but Mac just comes off as dumb and a bit silly. Each to their own I get some people will like that but I grew up playing gears 1 2 and 3 and it’s just not what I’m used to in a gears game.

I mean Mac wouldn’t look out of place on fortnite…

I see it as a good thing, it makes the universe feel fleshed out with different types of people, he hasn’t fought in the locust war, i think it was happening when he was a kid but for the most part he’s grown up in peace times not burdened by government rule because of his outsider upbringing.

Maybe if they add him into the campaign in gears 6 people might show a little bit more love for the mac daddy lol

No matter how they look or sound anyone can appreciate their backstories.

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It cheapens the game and moves it further away from the original trilogy. The further away from the original trilogy gears gets, the closer the franchise comes to ending as long term fans switch off.

Mac is a perfect example of TC trying to add fun and whacky characters to appeal to a wider and maybe younger fan base. I understand he is a character from the comics but there were so many other characters they could have added to 5 instead like bringing back barrick.

This game used to be dark and gritty and Xbox’s number 1 exclusive. Now it’s just becoming like every other multiplayer…

Next they will be adding swim wear skins…oh wait-gym fahz

I disagree i think a lot of the themes in 4/5 are mature.

Some examples would be JD’s broken relationship with his father or the loss of anya,

Fahz’s parents being from UIR territory’s which he could harbour a bit of personal hate for and he hides it behind a cocky bravado.

JD’s brash attempt at glory despite people that have more understanding of the situation saying no resulting in lizzies death.

Gears during the locust war being left to die protecting a facility, niles’s weird experiments that somewhere along the line where given the green light by higher ups.

Tensions between outsider groups and the cog.

Like most i think gears 5 failed to deliver in a lot of ways but gears fans just like star wars fans are deliberately dragging every aspect of the newer stuff down in total spite because in gears case 4/5 isn’t just a copy paste of 1 or 3.

This time skip is a far better alternative than if they just went down the route of “o queen myrahh is dead but there is a king and some special locust that adam’s imulsion thing didn’t kill, round 4 delta

TC are patching 5 and I’m sure eventually it will be closer to what we want but it is a business and i think time constraints and the need to get the game out there before more popular competition got in the way played a large part in it releasing with so many problems. TC listened to too many different opinions and have tried to cater to everyone but all its done is make everyone unhappy with some part of the game.


Every game since gears of war 3 has been a downgrade.You misunderstood me I didn’t say the story/campaign themes were childish or anything but TC have tried to make a brighter looking game or two in style by adding in dumb### stuff like delivery Mac and gym fahz to name a few.

Long gone is the gritty and gory franchise that people loved. What we have now is a very different franchise with rainbow guns and skins, Scottish geeks running about telling jokes, arcade mode for people who don’t like the shotgun, swimsuit skins(gym fahz), Christmas soldiers, poop marks,a mace to swing like it’s dark souls in pvp lmao and don’t get me started on the forza and other dumb bloodstains. There’s more but I have said to much already.

If you had told me during gears of war 1 2 or 3 that this would be what gears of war would be like in 2020 I’d have taken you any bet that it would never be like that. As for the pvp gameplay problems, I think others have said enough…

Most people who don’t have at least a little sympathy for what I’m saying usually were not on board during gears of war 1 or 2 so don’t fully understand how dark, gory and great this franchise used to be. 3 was a brighter game but it was damn good as well.

Long live Marcus Dom Baird and Cole.


^This, nothing more to say.

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Maybe the Gears Tactics will be still dark, bloody and gritty so similar to Gears 1,2 and 3! :slightly_smiling_face: Or maybe TC will make Gears 6 closer to 1-3 to prevent it to became another big mistake like Gears 5. :sunglasses:

Is Gears POP! also dark, bloody and gritty game!? :upside_down_face:

I have zero confidence that TC will make anything other then a turd sandwich.