Can we get a Marcus with Hoffman’s voice please

After grinding for several days for this new Captain Hoffman skin and finally trying him out for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Marcus’s voice coming through my headset as my young Hoffers gallivanted about the battlefield, grunting from cover to cover. “Nice!” Marcus would say as Hoffy reloaded his gnasher, ready to avenge his tomatoes.

As I’m enjoying this skin and his fresh voice lines, I had a thought. What if we could switch this up and I could get a Marcus with ol Vic’s voice?

“What? Are you crawling to the urgent care?” Marcus would say in his new southern draw as his enemy DBNOs before him.

One can dream!


Marcus with the voice of Anya
Anya with the voice of JD
JD with the voice of Marcus


Lets split voice out, like classes were split from characters. I want to play as a Marcus with Myrrah’s voice

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DR1 with Raams voice
Del with Jacks voice (Your a real boy)

But seriously it would make the female Cog Gear playable for me, God her voice is annoying especially the Laugh.


laughs in Casan

laughs in Cole

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Well thats one way to ruin a fairly lighthearted thread…

Oh no my post was removed because I was stating the truth .
(Poor workmanship from tc again )