Can we get a HODOKOTH?

By HODOKOTH I mean Hammer Of Dawn Only koth…or RGOKOTH. Revive Grenades only KOTH. Its melee for dawns and revive grenades. Seconds?

I would prefer FKOTH

I’d settle for normal KotH at this stage.


Control> koth.


I’ve said it.

Control killed my favorite esports team. Death to this damned playlist!

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sir you are done with gears 5 are you not? is that itch coming back?

You actually watch gears esports?

Naw, I just like hanging out on the forums. I’m still not coming back :sunglasses:

I did log in for a second to buy outsider Kait, then I left immediately.

Only when there is click and claim for skins I want. So a good amount of Gears of War 4 lol.

I’m not sure why I cant watch gears esports, watching gears is so boring imo. But I could totally watch R6 competitive.

Gears isn’t the most interesting eSports to watch I agree, I just liked seeing the top 5 matches for example. Some of the best teams playing is where I mostly paid attention.

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Hopefully in the next gears they make Control more like Hardpoint in Cod. Areas outline as the “hill” instead of a big circle.


Ooh! Look at you and your big wooden spoon trying to stir up trouble!

Begone back to Fallout, you fiend!


This is what I initially hoped for with Control. It would’ve made it so much better.

A larger circle was just a pisspoor effort.


Shoobie you keep dodging me to play versus

That’s literally what I thought control was going to be, but TC being TC is what I should’ve anticipated myself for.

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I do like to partake in some tomfoolery :sunglasses:

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I literally knocked on your door the other day and you said “nah fam no nerds allowed”

I invited you twice since then.

With no response.

That hurts.


I can explain…If I don’t join I’m usually in a group. I should’ve replied though sorry :frowning:
always forget because I be in the middle of Horde or drunk