Can we get a forced Warden-spawn in Wave 4?

They slightly changed the spawns so that the miniboss in Wave 4 now spawns more than once, but it’s still an overall very boring wave. Not to mention that Wardens never show up when Lahni is part of the team. Throwing a Warden into the equation would at least spice things up slightly.

I’m also sad to inform everyone that Palace Guards will not use the turrets on Abyss. Massive oversight.


Didn’t even think of this but this needs to happen.


Would rather see juvies on these, just hanging on by their hands while the turret shoots all over the place.


Oh my various gods! I actually completley forgot Abyss was a map. Like that would be the ultimate game changer. I am sad now :frowning:

I don’t understand the issue
are you not enjoying having to wait 8-9 waves for a Mace to appear?

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A friend and I just tested if they pick up a Lancer Gl… doesn’t look like it tbh

I had an AI cog on the Abyss turret earlier. Was stuck there, didn’t show on the tac com and wouldn’t let me on the turret. I hit him a couple of times and he died. Strange

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