Can we get a Developer blog on netcode and servers similar to Apex?

The article I refer to here shows the lead engineer on Apex Legends going through some of the issues and discussions on netcode and server issues. Its a fairly long blog post and goes through some common issues and questions that people have when it comes to Apex Legends.

Servers and netcode have been a common discussion in Gears (and lots of other games) for many years, and I would like to see some of the engineers from TC explain some of the problems they are working on in the context of Gears 5 in a special developer blog on the netcode and servers, maybe including differences from Gears UE and Gears 4, if possible.

I think it would help people understand what work that goes on behind the scenes to help try and solve these issues when they arise and the progress since then.


It’d be very interesting to see tbh

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Doubt that will happen. It feels like they like to brush past the topic of netcode and act like it isn’t one of the biggest issues in the game. It’s been out 2 years and still feels like your players a online shooter from Xbox 360 days and even most of them played better than this


There’s been a lot of effort by some of us to get TC to talk about servers and netcode, though it seems to be a subject they actively avoid. The few times it’s been touched have mostly been regarding the window for trades/‘updates’ and… that time they said “there is no lag compensation” (which shows a complete lack of understanding of how online gaming works). There’s coding issues that seem to have traveled with this game for years and I think they would rather just not talk about it. I’ve posted numerous clips and the best I ever got was “We’ll look into it”, but most of the time was just ignored.

One thing to keep in mind is that even games that have excellent coding and servers can’t control the connection of your opponent so things will sometimes feel off, even in games that are doing everything right.


They promised a gears in the machine back when they were doing that and it never happened.

Maybe they legit dont know how it works lol


That’s because they outsource to contractors from teksystems lol

We have people from teksystems works at my workplace…they are dimwits