Can we finish what we start?

I’ve finished a grand total of three horde games. I almost always have a quitter before the fabricator even goes down. By about Wave 30 (if I’m lucky), we’ll already have 2-3 bots . I usually can’t even get to 40 before the game becomes unwinnable. It’s to the point where I started only playing on beginner just to have some kind of chance.

Seriously. Stop joining horde games if you don’t plan to finish. Refresh the objective if you don’t want to do a whole horde game with a “Survive X Waves of Horde” objective. Stop ruining the experience for everyone else.

Do you just jump into a horde match or use the lobby browser?

Jump in usually. I haven’t really had much luck with the lobby browser either, unfortunately.

Ive found more success from the lobby browser. It may take a little longer to find a game, but it tends to be with good players that know what they are doing, yea you might get a quitter but 90% of the time someone else joins in

Custom games is currently the only way to consistenly finish a horde game, the reason being is that people can join at any wave unlike public that works with invite only.

It is not fail safe by any means but drastically improves your game experience. I suggest aiming for advanced / elite and above since lower difficulties are mainly filled with people playing for medals or xp and they quit on a regular basis.

I feel the same as OP, however if they had made a horde lite like they did in Gears of War 4, then maybe we wouldn’t have as many people quitting. 2 hours is a long time to play in one go for a lot of people. I hate it when people quit as well and I’m always the one left, but you’ve got to understand some people will struggle to do 2 hours consecutively.

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