Can we add guardian in quickplay please

I can’t find a game in the UK! The ping over 100ms most games on ‘competitive’ mode

There’s not many people playing so I kindly ask you guys to please not split the playlist so much… no more ranked/social.

Yeah thats more like Guardian Roulette lol…most people in that playlist select KOTH and Control.


Guardian should be listed in classic elimination.

It’s more for the tdm crowd.


Most of people dont even know how to play guardian anyway…always rushing and dyings after 1min…

Is Akagi the new C.O.G. Leader!? :sweat_smile:

It was in Versus A.I. Guardian and one of the player was with Akagi and that player was the Leader in the first round. After that in every round everybody who was leader got the Akagi skin.