Can VPN be used on Gears 5?

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Hi friends!!! Would you like to ask a question? Is it allowed to use a VPN from my internet company to improve my latency (ping)? I am from Venezuela and the best thing that my internet works is 150 ping.

I contacted Microsoft twice and they say they don’t have a problem with VPNs to play games, but they did tell me to ask the studio.

I have been a huge Gears fan for years and I would like to improve my multiplayer experience, but always within the allowed rules.

I am looking forward to your response. Atte…twitter: @ papanoob.gears

I’m not sure if TC has an official stand regarding VPN’s but I honestly see nothing wrong with it, it’s not like content is region locked or anything, matchmaking just works differently regarding where you are based.

If right now you have 150 ping connecting to US (East would be my guess), using a VPN would trick the system and it will give you a lower number but the experience would be exactly the same. You might see a 5 ping on the screen but the game will play exactly the way it does with 150.

Ping is the time it takes for you to connect to the server, it is based on your physical location and cannot be altered via “digital” means (sure you can take measures to improve it but 150 will never turn into 5 nor anything remotely close).

Bottomline: a VPN will improve in your matchmaking waiting times but nothing else, ping will be different but the experience will be the same or worse.


VPN won’t change your location in reality. While a VPN tunnel conceivably could change the ping value shown in game that changed value wouldn’t be accurate to reality since you still live where you do and the communication still would take the same route to you even though the game thinks your endpoint is somewhere closer. In fact I would think you’d be making things worse since the VPN tunnel probably would add some overhead latency. Also the VPN probably isn’t meant for the stable connection games require.


My friends living outside US have been using VPN since gears 4 and had no issues.

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I agree with what @Belkain said…

I don’t understand how a VPN is going to enhance your multiplayer experience.

A VPN won’t change your multiplayer experience at all… it would be exactly the same as before.

With a VPN, you’ll just find matches faster, depending where you want to connect to,

What is your end goal here?


i use vpn and have for years

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Thanks !!! Your help has been very useful !!! Now I understand better! I think I’ll have to settle for a very high ping :frowning:

yes, i had to use it in order it free up a NAT that i had no control over. i only used one that was close to my location though so the extra ping wasnt that much.

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I don’t see why not, might just not be able to use the MS Store to buy stuff.

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Thank you all for your comments!