Can the ranking system be fooled

I’ve been reading posts/replies and talk on the ranking system. How hard it is to get to diamond. I’ve played against a few diamond players. Most have been beasts and deserve diamond rank but a few have been trash and it seems they have fooled the system to get to diamond. Now my thoughts are yes you can and have had an idea how to do it but what do others think?

You can easily manipulate the ranking system.

It’s all because having a 2nd account is so easy and I know people with a few.

That’s what my thinking was. A group of 5 with a second xbox and alt account. New season should be easy

some people pay for boosting services so maybe the trash diamonds are just someone who paid a guy 100 bucks to get to diamond for them you know since rank rewards are from your highest point there’s no negative to de-ranking anyways

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