Can the mobile issue with this forum be fixed?

@GhostofDelta2 I dont know if this is an issue with the hosting software, but ever since a few months ago it isnt simple to look at your notifications anymore. If you are on a page-any page-you have to scroll back to the very top of that page b4 it will.let you click on your avatar to see what your notifications are. It makes navigating and participating
in these forums slower and more tedious than necessary. Especially if the page has 200 plus entries. Dont know what happened or why, but it would be great if someone could fix this.
I know its the consummate first world problem, but dang its annoying.

I also noticed this a couple days ago.

I assume it has to do with the way the home bar changes when you scroll down. Why it makes notifications not pop up on mobile, I couldn’t say. But I’ve always found it odd at if you scroll down, the Omen links you back to the forums, yet if you aren’t scrolled down, it takes you back to the Gears homepage.

This does not seem to affect me. I use iPhone 8 or IPad only. Don’t own a PC

Must be an Android thing.

It seems to only do it with topics that have 100+ replies.

I’m on Android btw.

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It seems to work for me on my iPhone, if I scroll up a little bit, usually the title bar will disappear and let me click(tap) the profile icon. Same goes for when I have a new notification. So not sure why it isn’t working for you.

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You’d want to direct concerns to


Edit: I have problems trying to quote someone. I can choose only 3 words, after that the quote “pop-up” dissapear

I thought that support was only for games, so I’ll copy and add more info from my post on the other topic

When I have an answer I’ll post it


I got an answer yesterday, but it’s only a reminder that if my issue has not been resolved, I need to reply back with the lastest details:

Thanks for your continued patience with Gears Support.

Our response times are severely delayed due to a large number of incoming tickets, but the team is working as quickly as possible. We just wanted to take a few minutes to reach out to all those who have older tickets to let you know that your ticket # 63020 is still in our system and awaiting review. If you haven’t already, please check out our help center for answers to frequently asked questions.

  • If your issue has not been resolved, please reply back with the latest details for the team including any screenshots/clips if pertinent
  • If your issue has been resolved, please disregard this email and we will close the ticket for you.
  • If your issue is about a missing purchase or content, please submit a new ticket using Content - Missing Purchase

I’ll write back tonight and I write here again when I got a new answer