Can the Epic Reaper make a comeback in Gears 5

This is the best ever Gears Character next to the Blood Moon Imago.

Gears 5 should have every single character and weapon skin from every past Gears game :+1:

Oh don’t say that. This dude won’t stop with the threads daily asking when each skin will come out let alone one every few days.


I’m trying to solve all his needs in one game :joy:


The weapon skin set Reaper from esports supporter pack 12 would have been better with the Epic Reaper face on it Gears theme.

A story line on the Epic Reaper would be awesome Gears 5

Every character EXCEPT Alex Brand just to piss off that weird subset of players who are obsessed with that character.

They could even put her in but permanently grey her out so she’s not selectable at the character select menu just to further taunt them.


Wow this is pure savage :joy:

Wouldn’t it be a TC Reaper now?

How about a T. Creeper?

Technically the “Epic” Reaper was the “People Can Fly” Reaper.

People can Fly had their own special characters from Bulletstorm.

i actually miss EPIC making Gears of War

Looking back now, the EPIC games were still primitive and couldn’t get the Gnasher to work.

Every Gears game has always had a major flaw.

I just hope it’s 2019 and a few dozen games later, we get a Gears that works in 5.

the gnasher was always broken but there was just something special about the Gears games made by EPIC

One thing is for sure, the MP maps were so much better.

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