Can TC please put more emphasis on AI reviving in Horde

Its maddening to be playing with AI, get downed, literally ccrawl to them, only to have them stand there and shoot over cover…only to then have an enemy come finish you off right in front of them. Ive had AI leave cover to go revive another AI that got downed after me that is further away. Programming emphasis needs to be put on Revives first…its just wild how inept the AI can act.


To be completely honest mate, it’s better not to have them at all.

Playing Masters on River the other day with 3 other friends and 1 Random. The Random quits and the stupid AI runs around and gets himself downed and killed every wave.

Wave 48 all 4 of us get downed by that wonderfull Claw guy. We crawl around and watch on our cams as the AI stands beside all of us without picking one up before getting killed and ending the game.

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I bet someone is going to say “this is a team shooter. You shouldn’t be playing if you are by yourself”. Whenever I see something about fixing the AI, someone says this.

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I think it is AI law to wait at least 5 seconds before coming to revive players.

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The team AI is indeed infuriatingly stupid, it’s the same in campaign mode. I always pray whenever someone quits in horde that the RNG doesn’t pick me as the Red Shirt’s anchor. There’s always someone on the team who it hangs around, not reviving, just always jumping over their cover, getting in the way of their view and critical shots, especially when firing explosive weapons…

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Yea. All of this. I also love the constant “tap is being damaged” or “fabricator is being damaged” as they just run right by a leech hammering away. Just runs right past it…always. have to run from the other side of the map to kill 1 leech that three other redshirts were right next too.
@Thief000 yea…ive had them walk or jump right in front of me when i was firing a boom and blown myself to pieces.
@PIZDETSGRUBZ i usually dont play with them. But once in a blue moon im like. Yea…ill use them. Just to get some revives for one of the medals. But they are just pathetic.