Can TC not disable duplicate drops for already maxed out skills?

I need like 6 more Epic Score Boost then I’m done with Paduk. Can I have yours?

That’s exactly what they’re gong to do, although you’re far too optimistic with that exchange rate :laughing:

What, so we can’t actually get rid of the excessive RNG gind on top of how long it takes to level up the character itself so people don’t just run Clock, Surge or Forge all day long? Oh yes, that’s such a bad thing to make the design actually favor the player.

And for anyone here, seeing as other solutions are sprouting up : This is an INTERIM SOLUTION suggestion. Not intended to replace TCs scrapping idea of skills that will still take several months or longer to implement because they just had to rush those level 6 skills out with the promise that they were big inprovements over level 5 - hint : most of them aren’t - instead of waiting and bringing both at the same time. Ir maybe they could’ve figured something out like giving higher drop probability for the new skills if they were unlocked straight away because god this is annoying to get them leveled.

If you are willing to give me your re-up 50 in exchange then by all means take it :+1: even though it means nothing to me :sweat_smile:

If they can’t even implement something that was in Gears 4 in a timely manner what makes you think they could add your solution lickety-split?