Can TC not disable duplicate drops for already maxed out skills?

It’s all in the title. I’m getting really tired of the fact that whenever I try leveling Lizzie’s The Hammer skill up, 90% of the time I get completely freaking useless drops for the Salvo that I already have 47 extra on after putting it to Level 6 and am so tired of seeing drop that I want to throw it to the moon, nuke it, and toss it into a gas giant so it gets so obliterated there won’t be a single molecule left of it.

Ok, slight exaggeration but I am seriously annoyed and tired of the ridiculous RNG not giving me what I need. Turning off dupes for maxed skills until everything is would help with this. Won’t fix when the game gives you 2 commons, 2 rares and maybe one epic on a Master run though…


Have you been/tried playing The Clock on Master? It normally gives you very good legendary drop rates.

Sidebar… Is it that “The Hammer” skill that desireable? I recently got it for Lizzie & was honestly a bit underwhelmed. The dropshot is cool & all, but it doesn’t do that much damage at higher multipliers. Actually, I find most of Lizzie’s cards medicore. Like, why do I need a Mulcher card AND a Trishot card? In general it’s a similar weapon, no? Do people use a whole slot for two weapons when there are only so many spots available, and only a limited time to use the Silverback? What about that frost gun, do people use that? I’ve never used that…

I admit, I don’t play much PVE except for when I need to complete ToD medals or daily objectives so I may not be that verse in the intricacies of cards… Just asking questions

They can’t do that unfortunately. You would max every skill way way too easy.

You could play on beginner, with just a sliver of chance at a legendary skill card, and force it to drop nothing but legendaries because everything else is a duplicate, the moment you turn lvl 16.

We have been doing this. I sometimes got 2-3 Legendaries. Never more than 3 before. Either way, I don’t find this to be a problem for me. Some people don’t have the patience.

It seems annoying to add new Legendary / Epic cards, after maxing a character and cards already. It means another few days to spend levelling.

I had Mac, Keegan and Lahni maxed until they introduced Venom cards. So I had to level them again.

When they added new cards for Kat, I had already maxed her and her cards. So I had to play her again for the new cards.

Now they’ve introduced new cards for half or most of characters and upped the limit to Level 6 and we still can’t turn our duplicates into Scrap / Gears Coin, so how much longer do I have to play to level them all to max again? Two months.

Lizzie might’ve taken me 2-4 days originally. And now that they’ve added Level 6 cards and Hammer, it could be another 2-4 days. If all the cards and Level 6 existed in the first place, I may have completed her in 3-5, rather than being 4-8 days in total. So what happens is many more duplicates of cards already Level 5-6.

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I was doing it. I have gotten well over 10 Salvo duplicates but at most 4 for The Hammer. So it’s not helping and the fact that I keep getting useless duplicates makes me want to stop within an hour or two when I’m not making any progress whatsoever.

It is if I don’t want to be stuck with either a mediocre Claw that has no damage boosts until I level the damage perk up or don’t want to be a Tri-Shot spammer.


Have you tried praying to RNJesus


He was on my side in Gears 4 with the lootboxes that I only ever bought for credits. Not anymore even though I did nothing wrong or different.


Now you have been betrayed by RNJudas for 30 pieces of Gears Coins.


My only coins spent so far were on the UIR Soldier for the Tour medal. It’s getting real tempting to throw them at that stupid skill.





They should definitely implement this.

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The dev stream that went into pve details mentioned them adding a way to “scrap” duplicate cards in the future

I am aware of this. It doesn’t solve the immediate issue at hand that we can’t use the duplicates for anything and they keep piling up while I need duplicates for non-leveled skills.


In all seriousness I suggested something similar a while ago and in my view it is a great weay to eventually increase the odds you can get the cards you want (with the caveat that you cant max out green cards and then get a green drop upgraded to a higher tier).

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Given that I have maxed each and every one of Lizzie’s skills already, having had enough duplicates on every one of her skills to get them to Level 6 at Op 4 launch, I honestly don’t care nor want to see any more for those skills and just need the new ones…

Although realistically, I only want the Dropshot skill maxed, I have zero use for that Enforcer skill of which I don’t see the point. It’s an even worse weapon than the Lancer and that means something considering how atrociously bad the regular Lancer is in Gears 5 compared to all previous Gears(unless you’re using Marcus in Horde). Not the GL though, that one doesn’t suffer from bad rate of fire unless you have an active and doesn’t have a ridiculous shot dispersion pattern to go with it.

Like I said earlier disabling duplicates would make it far to easy to max a character, you would max every single new skill between new skills in the one or two levels, just because the system would be forced to drop only that skill. (Because everything else would be a duplicate).

But decreasing the probability of getting a duplicate could be a good compromise.

They should let us sell the duplicates for gears coins. Maybe at half the rate they’re purchased at? If nothing else, we’d eventually be able to just buy the card we need… :man_shrugging:t4:


I remember that when you got a dupe from a supply drop, you got a fourth of what it would have cost to obtain it with scrap. Why can’t they just do that? It would turn my 30 or so Reflect Shredder dupes into useable coins.

The amount of times I got score boost cards (green and purple) in one visit is quite laughable.