Can TC ban players?

I’ve been playing Gears of War 2 scince the fps update and have run into a hacker. Can I report them to TC? Or should I just report them to the xbox enforcement team?

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Xbox enforcement. TC is barely involved in the goings on of Gears 5. You can forget about them giving a hoot about legacy titles.

The odds of anything happening from a report are quite low. If you capture them obviously cheating, that’ll help. Don’t post footage here though, as it constitutes a callout.

Sir this is a hugbox we dont allow that.

Yes. My boi -joink!- is banned for life

Mod Edit: Removing gamertag to avoid them receiving any harassment.

Pointless to even consider taking action.

Just deal with it.

You can log a ticket here selecting Legacy titles and include the details:

You may not receive a response but that doesn’t mean it’s not dealt with, and it may take a little time depending on resources, doesn’t mean it’s not worth logging.

You can also report to Xbox Enforcement too as others have mentioned in the thread.

As stated by others we don’t allow callouts on the forum as it leads to harassment, so best to just close this thread now.

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