Can’t wait for op2 flop

Guaranteed op 2 is gonna flop so bad .
With every step forward in the right direction they go 3 steps back .
I can predict more server problems . New bugs to occur .
Free for all will be not what you hope for. They’ll put there own spin on it like arcade mode version of ffs or locked character skills.
Really lame tour of duty with characters that should of been in the start of the game
More rubbish blood sprays and marks
More gun skins which should of been in from the start.
Lame expressions
Rehash of the same character skins just with different heads on them.
Maps with be claimed as new but in reality we’ll get icebound night time edition or same old maps from pervious gears.
No content for horde not even bug fixes too.
They’ll come out with the excuse oh we’re working on a solution but you’re not getting that until at least update 25 in 8 months or to a years time .
People don’t get your hopes up . I can see disappointment ahead .

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Seeing as your dissapointed with Gears 5, at the moment what would make you happy considering the time and resource restraints of TC?

What do you feel should be a priority now the game is released as it is?

Or are you going to ***** and moan over something that can’t be changed. If you don’t enjoy it in it’s current state, you have the other Gears games you can play or can come back in the future when it is fully fleshed out.
Otherwise, your complaining for no reason.

Did you see what happened after the backlash of ME:Andromeda? They stopped supporting it entirely and said they wouldn’t even make a sequel to the game. You don’t need to be a TC apologist, but it’s the direction the game might go if everyone leaves and turns against them.

Praise where praise is due and critisism where warrented. Mindless complaining for the mindless.


Re ME. A new one is in the works, hopefully more 2 than 4. I actually love the first 3 games.

Nothing else to add :+1: just thought you might want to know.

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This is what I’ve done now. I’m playing Jedi Fallen Order and COD until this dumpster fire of a game gets fixed - if ever. The fact that I’m playing a COD game should note how absolutely desperate I’ve become for a good multiplayer experience. Gears 5 is a new level of awful.

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Such a positive outlook on life, I envy you.

Please, for the love of everything good and holy in life, please don’t tell me they’re making a new ME. After that sh.itstain that was Andromeda, I don’t want to see another ME ever…

OP, although I don’t want OP2 to flop, I feel like it’s going to be more disappointing than anything else. Still, we’ll have to wait and see…