Can’t use Syndrome skins on swarm?

Not sure if I missed something in the little while I stopped playing gears (let me know??) but I swear I used to be able to use the syndrome skins when I was on swarm, or am I just crazy?? I had a weapon skin setup idea for swarm but I can only equip the syndrome skins when I’m cog. Again, don’t know if I’m crazy and it’s always been this way but I don’t remember it being like that. (If you guys can equip the syndrome skins on swarm anyone know what would cause it to big out for me like this??)

It changed some time ago, there are easily a dozen threads or more about it.

Syndrome are exclusive to cog and midnight omen for swarm in versus, horde remains unchanged.

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Closing as the question has been answered and we have a few threads on this topic.