Can’t use onyx guard skin because

Okay , I didn’t know that if you buy the onyx guard you need the cog gear character . That’s dumb they should tell you that BEFORE purchase OR that shouldn’t even be in the game . If I want a character I buy it , I shouldn’t be forced to buy or grind another character for a character that isn’t even earn able ONLY available through real money . Ridiculous, fix this TC always one thing after another with you guys . Only reason I downloaded again was to use this character an play free for all .

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Both the COG Gear character and the Onyx Guard skins are earnable for free.
ANY skin requires a base character.
This is actually not a new thing. Sorry.

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Well he could make the case that the onyx guard should be it’s own character and not just a skin for the COG gear. I always thought at the very least Vermelo and Casan should be separate characters. Seems silly that they’re both technically the same “character” even though ones male and others female.


Wasn’t in gears 4, try again

Who said anything about Gears 4?
The Coalition has been clear about this since before launch.

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I agree that should be, but unfortunately that is not the case.