Can’t see the cog gear skin

For some reason it’s saying I don’t have the cog gear skin in my roster when I’ve clearly purchased it…

Did you just purchase it now? If so, try restarting the console. That usually fixes things for this game, no joke.

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Nah I bought it when it first came out

Damn, than I hope the issue fixes itself rather than you have to go through support. It takes ages for them to respond.

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Actually I’m an idiot man, it was my fault lol it’s because I have the inside out cog skin attached haha I feel dumb lol, I’m still getting used too the skins having different variants, thanks for the response anyways man!

Lol well as long as you don’t have to go through support man, that’s great.

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May i ask why you bought him instead of earning him?

He means the Halloween skin, not the character.

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I see. My mistake

I’m actually having the same problem how do you unattach a card so I can use the skin?

There’s a “totems” sub-tab under “customisation”. You can deselect totems or equip new totems through there.

Some people don’t have the time to grind to unlock characters


Have you unlocked the COG Gear?

The Inside-Out Gear is a skin variant for the COG Gear so you need to have the COG Gear character to equip the skin.

Also if that’s the case and yyou didn’t own the COG Gear character, didn’t you get this warning message? It’s supposed to appear if you don’t own the base skin.

Damn I’ve never got that message when I purchase it, so what skin do I gotta purchase to use this skin?

Ok thank you I purchased the cog gear and now it pulled right up thanks for all the help man.

Cool, no problem.

I’d suggest for future reference to keep tabs on the Whats Up In Gears articles that tend to be released on a weekly basis. They normally cover new characters and skins being released and will say which character the skin variant is for.

Also just to add, TC have said that the default base for each character will be acquirable for free by crafting and equiping totems and completing the objectives (as well as paying money as you did in order to unlock quickly), but other skin variants will be acquirable through a combination of store purchase or Tour Of Duty rewards. This will apply all the same in future when we get the likes of Cole, Paduk, Clayton Carmine etc.

Well, that is what TC is taking advantage of. Making it a grind so that people with little time “have” to buy…
Not that this tactic isnt used by other game developers aswell