Can’t Pre Download and trouble redeeming Road to Gears rewards

I haven’t been able to do the pre install for Gears 5 on my PC for windows 10. I updated windows and my drivers but I keep getting an error message and when I look to see what the details are the error # reads: 0x00000001

Additionally I haven’t been able to complete the requirements for the guilded weapon set even though I have met the requirements and gotten at least one achievement across all the games.

Are you using the Xbox (Beta) app to try and predownload Gears 5? Is there a way for you to look at your update history or type in “system information” into the start menu and see what Version of W10 you’re on?

For example, mine is on Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362 and I was able to pre download Gears 5 a few days ago

I’m having the same problem and my windows is the same version. I can’t find anything about this anywhere and i think it’s a problem with the Microsoft store.

You need Windows 1903 update.