Can’t open Gears 5 Microsoft Store version

I have been unable to play the Microsoft Store version of Gears for 5 days now and i have seen that a lot of people has the same problem:
failed to open descriptor file …/…/…/gear game/gear game.uproject
The problem only appears at the Microsoft Store version as I said and people are saying that it appears because the new update on the app “Game Services” i don’t know if that is the main problem but i’m sure that you can fix it.
Also i saw people that has been having the problem for a month now, please do something because i’m sure that a lot of people like me has bought the game because the last sale of the Microsoft Store and they are disapointed like me. Please.
Thank you,

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Hello there,

This is a known issue that is a priority for TC, and the invesitgation is ongoing but currently looks to be a regional microsoft store issue.

Please open a ticket (( and include the following:

  1. Dx Diag File
  2. Where you are launching the game from (Xbox, MS Store, Steam)

Please write “DLL Error” in your ticket :slight_smile:

This information could help Microsoft with fixing the issue