Can’t join any custom horde lobbies

Just says “failed to join game” or “you’ve been disconnected check your connection” , and “game session is no longer available” I refresh it’s still there. or even “not enough room in the lobby for your squad” yet I’m trying to join solo when it’s 2/5 people in the lobby.

I tried restarting The game twice and I’m done. Can’t play in any horde lobby.

Game is so broken man.

Anyone else with this problem?

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Been an issue with the lobby browser since launch. Not sure if there’s been any mention from TC about it, be it whether they know it’s a thing or if they have any plans to fix it.

It’s even worse now. I literally went down every server lobby trying to join. Couldn’t join not even one. Lol.

what works best for me is word backwards search the last pages first usually the first couple of pages give you those responses I find it if you search from the back pages you can find joinable games

Aren’t those games with the highest pings?

not sure, possible thought but that’s how I find my games in customs

Nah. Didn’t work for me. The game doesn’t want me to play it I guess.

sorry to hear that did you try to host your own?

I was able to join one after I joined a game of escape and completed it and searched horde lobbies again. But most were still giving me one of the above messages.

Thanks for your help anyway. Hope this gets fixed. Very annoying.

I have had this problem a lot, i just exit the game a restart.

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TC most likely knows about it but are occupied with adjusting PvP. Esports dont watch people fight the A.I.

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Yep and now we have this strange 30 second freezing bug that seems to be happening which makes this problem even worse.

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The updating of the lobbies is shocking…it makes me laugh when you see 1/5 in lobby…your solo…but it tells you not enough room for you and your squad🤣


Or creating new things to sell to the masses. Priorities, right.


Biggest issue with the Custom Lobby, the times they are refreshed is just lazy in my opinion.