Can’t get Cole tackle right

Haven’t used Cole much. Lots of times when I a tackle and attempt to roll backwards to tackle again, I end up spinning the camera 180 degrees. Anyone have any tips to avoid this and do consecutive tackles better?

I’ve been around Gears since day 1 and know that when you hold a direction and hold the roadie button down the camera turns in that direction. I’m not holding the button down when I roll back, but the camera still wants to do that to me quite often as Cole.

Edit: I do have an elite series controller I’ve never taken out of the box if there’s any advantage that can give.

Forget Cole, the bigger question here is WHY NOT?

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Honestly, it was a gift and I probably don’t know enough of what it’s capable of doing. Was waiting before I needed a replacement before getting to it. What are some of biggest advantages of it?

Click here.

Once you try it you’ll never be able to go back to a regular controller. It feels much more comfortable plus you can customise things, like the sensitivity and vibration, by downloading the app on your Xbox.

There’s the obvious option of having looser triggers in order to fire faster, but for me that hasn’t made too much of a difference.

Trust me, open it and see for yourself.

The best thing for me is that you can map the paddles to the DPad so you never have to touch the dpad to change weapon again

Yes I have the same Cole problem with a controller. Only solution is not to press back and A together as you normally would but back then A. It’s messed up somehow.

Rolls back…spins forward…dies

Just spam the A button, that’s what I’m doing. Works like a charm for me.