Can´t find online matches

Since the Coallition removed the possibility of choosing the data center in which you wanted to play, i can´t find a core match or a ranked one, only online TDM sometimes, i´m from southamerica and i have been playing gears all my life, but now i´m not able to enjoy the best game in the world anymore. That´s not ok. Hope the Coallition read this. I´m a fan since day one. Cheers Brothers!


Welcome to the club.

No D+ ranked games for PC players anymore.


Yea its annyoing. I am from EU(Germany) and yesterday we have been searching almost an hour in Koth as a 3 stack.

We then found a game after one of my mates left because of the long wait time. We searched as a 2 man and it took another 15 minutes to find a game.

After that, we found a game on US east server. Laggy game. But I would rather choose on which server I want to play, instead of searching for over 30 minutes.


Ahh, wo wohnst du im Deutschland? Ich besuchte Regensburg und Munchen letzes August. (und auch Werfen, Osterreich welche ist sehr schon. )

Ooops, I broke the forum rules…

I can only find a quick match in Social.
Core and Competitive takes forever. Sometimes i can find Core Tdm in less than 5min but overall ranked playlists are dead or maybe Ranked matchmaking is broken.
I’m 62lvl on Xbox One. (Greece)

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Yes man! Totally agree

Ah gut(nice)

I am from Stuttgart.

But on topic again. I will get home in 30 minutes, then it is almost 12 AM in Germany. I can feel the struggle again to find any matches this late at night

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