Can’t find escalation matches

Hi. First of all I’d like to start by saying Gears 5 is great. The campaign is excellent and the multiplayer is as brilliant as ever. I did have reservations after the tech test but I’m used to the combat now and it’s fantastic. This coming from a veteran who’s played since the very beginning and has been on XBL for 15 years.
Ok my beef is this.
I’m playing in Australia and have not been able to find a single game in ranked escalation yet. So I’m unable to complete the tour objective that gives you the In Your Face Lancer GL execution.
I’m a gamer who loves to unlock or get as many in game features as possible and executions in Gears is a must for me. So TC could you please make it so we can complete the 10 escalation matches (wins) in the custom playlist or add escalation to the classic quick play playlist or come up with another solution so that us gamers in regions who can’t find matches in escalation can complete the tour objectives for the rewards. Thank you
A big Gears fan.

Unfortunately Australian has sever lack of people playing xbox games so that is a normal issue. This has happened with gears 4 and I didnt know it was a problem this early. They need to address this by not making medals that require to play specific modes or some people will not be able to accomplish them

Coalition said that Brazil, South Africa and Australia are having problems with long waits to find a match. They are already looking into it.

I’m in Brazil, can’t find matches of Escalation and Guardian.

Thanks for your reply. Good to know that TC are looking in to it.

I am from australia as well and I have barely managed to play around 15 matches on my own on escalation. Its a real pain. I completed one thanks to a friend of mine in Europe who was able to carry me. Now I cant find matches for guardian, tdm or koTH. I doubt TC can do anything to make it better. It was the same in gears 4. If you want to play ranked matches, hit me up. I cant guarantee wins though.

Same issue here in the USA east coast… not enough people playing this game on off hours. Weekends and nights are the only times when I can find escalation matches without issues. Tried to over an hour with no success. Sux

I just posted about it, even in peek hours i can’t find any game, that’s so sad.