Can’t ever find a game have to wait for minutes upon minutes

Trying to play execution waiting in the lobby for five or more minutes. Sometimes horde or escape mode I’ve had to wait for a few minutes as well. So is this game officially dead? It seems that no one ever plays and there’s always bot games. Not to mention every single person who quits even in ranked. And all other modes everyone just quits

The time of day effects searches, remember that.

In the past, probably even today, after 2100hrs the PvP games are dead, Horde Custom Games are down to 2 pages of games.

Europe time, you have to wait the evening to find quickgame PVP. At least I faced the same situation last week when trying to play Guardian.

In Europe I find morning or evening best, but it’s still over 3 minutes.

Waited 9mins for a ranked FFS today and like always everyone else’s ping is 140+ and mine under 10.