Can’t continue campaign

I am abandoning gears tactics on Xbox as I can’t get by act 2 chapter 1 due to not having enough units. It says 4 are required with 2 being banned from the mission. I got rid of the low level gears and free up space and now I can’t do anything with this trash feature. I can’t reset my progress at all so I can’t get any gears. I’m not willing to restart from the beginning of the game so I’m done. Until an update is added that removes the 4 units required and I can go in with 3 units I’m not coming back to the game.

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This has been an issue since launch and the response or lack there of is basically “tough ■■■■” lmao

This is one of MANY glaring issues with the game… but they don’t care because you already gave them your money.

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You only discard a low level unit only if you have a higher level unit of the same class to replace them with. At any point of time your squad should be full to be able to rotate units.

Later on you will have more side missions to do and you need to have enough spares to be able to complete missions no matter what restrictions are thrown at you.

I have managed to 100% the game so don’t blame the game for this… take it as a mistake to avoid and be better prepared next time.

No I’m blaming the game and the devs for the piss poor job they did adding this game breaking feature. Me getting it free not knowing this feature existed and getting screwed on act 2 chapter 1. It’s their fault for not allowing you to reset to before to got act 2. It’s their fault for not having an option for mission select. It is 110% their fault for doing this and I’m not going to completely restart a game when I shouldn’t have to because they put crap features into the game. I’m not the only one who left this game because of it and I won’t be the last. Know what you’re talking about before telling me not to blame the game or the devs. :ok_hand:t2:

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It’s the game’s fault not the player’s. No company should have standards this low, Just say you work at TC and be done with it lmao

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Simple question… why are you discarding units without having a replacement? Is it providing you any benefit? Fact is you have no answer to that question. The discard unit feature is meant to be used only when you have a higher level unit available to add to your recruit pool of the same class.

If you are not sure about something, you can always ask and people are here to help so that any potential mistakes can be easily avoided.

The game stays how it is and people who play it either are aware of this and manage the situation or make the mistake and learn from it. If you want to abandon the game, its your call.

He said they were low level and he had no reason to believe a game made by such a big game studio would have such a game breaking flaw built into it.

I’m having a really bad issue with the game and have no idea where to go to ask for help I’m stuck on act 2 chapter 8 but what’s got me stuck is the ■■■■■■■ fact that once it goes into the enemies turn and they get dropped from the sky all they ■■■■■■■ do is just stand there they make sounds like they’re running and or getting into cover but they never finished the turn I’ve shut the game off and back on I’ve turned the Xbox off n back on I’ve deleted the game and redownloaded the mother ■■■■■■ but still once the corpser does it’s first attack and the enemies turn begins it just freezes but the visuals on the game still away like it’s running normally but it’s stuck on the enemies turn and everything I’ve done to fix it has failed

Might want to start a new thread. I haven’t got that far into the game yet I was just playing it on the side while before the new operation dropped.