Can someone tell me what the counter is to the meatshield?

I just don’t get how holding up a carcass stops a point blank gnasher shot…what is the counter?

Shooting their head, shooting from an angle.

Meatshields also are easily countered by a longshot.


10-4. I guess I was wondering if their was more of a close quarters counter?

They tend to not be very mobile, so wallbouncing behind them can work.

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wallbounce around and gib with the Gnasher or just gib the meatshield itself, it should only take one or two shots.



Meatshielding no longer absorbs the explosion of a frag grenade. Throw one at them and they’ll be forced to drop it and dodge, which takes a bit of time.


Shooting it from the back is the most efficient counter attack. If you push him solo recklessly, or wide open without a technique(strafe, wallbouncing, taking cove…etc), there is a low percentage of succeeding.

Also, as others mentioned, explosive weapons work against meatshield, e.g torque bow.
Longshot, boltok, or snub aiming at the head or from an angle as Ghost said, is considerably good.


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Thanks guys…just not a big fan of the ole meatshield.

The meat shield is actually pretty weak compared to gears 4. I had to shake the habit of picking them up all the time, because it gets you killed in G5.

Tbh meatshield is so nerfed in this game. As others have said, getting behind is the most effective way,


That meatshield is still a living person you monsters. I dont shoot hostages, so when i encounter a meatshield i drop my guns on the ground and leave the game, its really the only thing you can do.


The meatsheild themselves also seem to have way less HP than previous Gears games. It feels like they disintegrate almost instantly.



Basically do anything besides standing in front of the person holding their meat and trying to out damage them. If you aren’t in a position to immediately get behind them, just back off and grab some cover. They are immobile and won’t be able to catch you. Also, make sure you aren’t running directly at them, as melee when holding your meat seems to have a bit of a vacuum effect, and will down you easily.

How about a smoke/ flash/ shock/fire grenade?

@Mark36111 dude, it is never a good idea to melee whilst holding your meat. One errant slice and you will be losing your meat …one doesn’t want to end up meatless.

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One other trick I like to do against people holding their meat is to throw flash grenades. If you’re in a game with me, abusing your meat is basically going to cause you to go blind.


literally just go around them

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