Can someone plz explain this!

So I was playing some ranked koth, I had 70+ executions more points then any player, got mvp and won 2-0. Yet I dropped in rank. It has happened more then once. Anybody know what up with that or is that just gears being gears?

It’s like you’re asking a question and yet all I hear is - “Never play ranked! never! ever! EVER!!!”
Sorry that I don’t have anything useful to contribute but I will continue to avoid getting punished for playing ranked.

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Wierd ranking system that doesn’t explain anything well at all. What till they change it

This game is broken, online is unplayable right now. Dude was sitting on a grenade and sponges it. My rank be dropping hard right now. But who cares rank means nothing.

Just out of interest, what were your capture and break numbers like? I wonder if this has any impact on your rank on koth. You might have been killed by a bronze player(s). I wish TC would be clear about what can cause points to be lost or gained. I suppose, if they did that, people would exploit it and not play the objective of the mode.

Losing points when mvp is bad though.

Gears 5.

Nothing more to say there.