Can someone pls give me Spanish translations for Gears terminology?

I don’t encounter many US players when I go solo but I still like to make callouts because I’m a strat guy. I know how to work the maps, I watch power weapons, warn about flanks, etc.

Can you translate some terms that would apply to how they are said in Gears? Here’s some I regularly use;
Flank (or, behind you)
Cross (crossfire, support fire)
Help your teammate
Those are just some starters.


granada (grenade)
atras de ti (behind you)

thats all i got

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Definitely need more contributions. Keep em coming guys!

Prob not gonna get as many responses given that TC shuts down all the posts from gears players who speak Spanish. If I was one of them and got my post closed simply because it was in Spanish I’d be off these forums quick


Nades - Granadas (Fragmenta if frag grenades)
Flank (or, behind you) - Atras / atras tuyo
Sniper - Sniper or Franco
Cross (crossfire, support fire) - Crucen
Help your teammate - Ayuda a Insert name
Revive me - Revíveme
I’m down - Me caí or Estoy abajo/en el suelo
Spot - Marquen


Longshot - Franco
Buzzkill - Bajonazo
Overkill - Tritu (full name Trituradora)

I’m not a team player, I almost always play alone so I don’t remember more words right now (I play horde more than MP)

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I’d be lost when it came to pronouncing some of these.

Good for you putting in the effort though. So you’d say it in English first and then give the Spanish translation right after? Lol. Nice

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Thx. Yea, I already do that a little bit with the broken Spanish I know from having managed a kitchen before. I’m lost when it comes to Gears specific terms though. I can say certain things like “mira sniper” (look sniper) and see the randoms reacting. Other things like “behind you” are hopeless though and I’ll just watch all 4 teammates get wiped out. That’s one of the main ones I had to learn because it’s the #1 way I observe teammates die.