Can someone please explain

This has been happening multiple times to me during the Tech Test… where I’ve watched the kill cam and can clearly see the enemy missing my character (their reticle not even over me), with the perfect pattern of their Gnasher’s pellets neatly on the wall behind me, except I still die…?

I can only assume this is due to the new Aim-Assist system…

Has anyone else been experiencing this?


Yes, the killcam is having some issues.

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Definitely not the aim assist system. Probably. Has nothing to do with the mechanics of the game but a syncing problem with the kill cam. Most likely the kill cam is behind the actual game and isn’t showing that the guy was aiming where you were.


I’m sorry but this definitely doesn’t look like a kill cam issue… from both perspectives this player is not aiming at me.

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The killcam isn’t showing you what is actually happening. That is the issue. It has been logged to TC :slight_smile:

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It sometimes seems like it’s replaying what’s happening on your screen, but from the other player’s perspective (not sure if that’s possible). I’ve had this happen a bunch, and the kill cam has been “confirming” what I see on my screen, e.g, they were shooting a wall and still killing me.

A video would be more detailed to see what really took place. Just because the picture shows him aiming one way doesn’t mean that’s the direction he fired. I’ve got my head knocked off thinking I had duck behind cover in time, but the kill cam showed me that my reaction wasn’t faster than I thought.

I’ve had similar things happen to me OFTEN, but in my perspective. I’ll get a headshot when not a single part of their body is inside the reticle. The way reticles work in this is different than 4, it definitely feels that way. The reticle is just not a reliable indicator of where the bullets will go at close range combat.

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This has been a really big issue ever since the release of GoW4. It seems like it’s gotten worse in 5

@ISEEEVILL - I would upload the video, but don’t know how to with a captured Xbox video.
The screenshots were taken from the video from both my perspective and theirs and after repeatedly watching it definitely doesn’t look like this player should have landed their shot on me. It should have gone over my right shoulder while i was running towards them.

@Soul_Umbreon - Yeah i’ve noticed that too when I’ve been sniping. The headshots seem more assisted than in previous Gears,it’s definitely easier popping heads with the Longshot,

@Admire_Vanity - I never noticed this in Gears 4. In 4 it always felt like the player was actually aiming at me, but in my perspective I had moved - either due to connection difference or lag compensation. Now in G5 it doesn’t appear the player has to be accurately aiming at me - seen from both my perspective and theirs.

@GhostofDelta2 - I’m sorry man, but this definitely doesn’t look like a killcam issue…

Where the hell are the pellets even being fired from? In the screenshots you can clearly see the player supposedly connected with every pellet, except only one of them is even near my head…

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I was on a bad server that seemed kinda funky and even I myself got off some shots that were questionable so I can relate to the issue. For me up until that point the kill camera has been pretty accurate, it’s kinda lazy though because it shows you what happens at that exact moment and then it gets messy. Also this problem have been in all Gears games. What about the shots you place on people and absolutely nothing happens? I believe the game itself have poor connection and maybe net coding issues on some servers. Some servers I get great hit detection and some I don’t. I just hate all this mess is still happening in a GOW game.


This right here, they did something to the way that bullets leave your character/screen, and the reticle is no longer a reliable indicator of where your bullets will end up, for any gun.

I have noticed by bullets hitting the wall in front of me, despite both the barrel of my gun and my reticle being clear of it.

As Delta mentioned it’s most likely an issue with the killcam itself. Other games have had issues with their killcams as well. You need to remember that this a tech test to test the servers and to get feedback on bugs. Hopefully they can iron out these issues before launch.

Yes I understand all that. But like I’ve been saying, how can it be a kill cam issue if you can see them aiming to miss from both perspectives?
The Kill Cam in every other situation seems to have been working correctly to me. It’s just been the weird character moonwalk after you die.

This isn’t just a one time fluke, it’s happened multiple times to me during the Tech Test. Where in live play (my perspective) I see my enemy missing their shot only to be killed anyway… Then re-watching it on kill cam just proves that they should have missed.

If it is just the kill cam, then hopefully this will be fixed asap and we can test it during the next Tech Test weekend. But I remain very sceptical.

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TC have confirmed that killcam issues are complex and won’t be able to be fixed prior to next weekends tech test (sadly).

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I’m just going off the evidence you provided. So far all the screenshots you’ve shown are from a killcam. If the killcam is faulty and not showing you what happened properly then it’s a bug that needs to be patched. If you’d like to upload a video showing specifically what you’re talking about I’d love to see it, but until then I can only go off of the evidence provided. Killcams not showing you what really happened is actually a common issue in games that use them. Personally I don’t think gears needs a killcam because that just gives people another thing to blame for their death other than themselves.

Nope. I did post a screenshot from my perspective showing the enemy player missing (this is before i died). Screenshots from the kill cam have “kill cam” at the top of the screenshot.

I would happily post the video, but i don’t know how to get it off Xbox Captures to be able to send it. It only has a few options to ‘share’ it, none of which seem applicable.

All the players pellets hit the wall,not the player,hows that a kill in anyway ,kill cam,live cam ,slow motion ,capture ,whatever ,the pellets don’t connect with the player in any scenario ,but its a kill,no,its just gears ,meh
Get used to it,it will never be fixed

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That’s one screenshot. Doesn’t prove anything. Literally every other screenshot you’ve provided was killcam. A video would better help them to see what issue you’re talking about. A singular screenshot doesn’t help. You can go to and find your account. If you uploaded the clip you can just post the link.

Cheers for telling me.
Here’s the video: Gears 5 Tech Test