Can someone please explain to me what happened to this character and why they changed?

In gears of war 4 there was 6 bipedal swarm being the imago, drone, grenadier, sniper, hunter, and elite drone. In gears of war 5 there’s only 5, the elite drone is gone, his class is still in existence but that rank is held by all the other swarm types now (elite). So what the heck happened to the elite drone phenotype from gears 4? The new elite drone is using the regular drone phenotype, why did they get rid of the original one?
Did they retcon him? Why not just make him into another class? I’m just confused why TC would make an enemy and get rid of it in the next game, that would be like if they introduced the Therons in gears 1 and scrapped them in gears 2.
Needless to say I at least want this character back in multiplayer as either an actual character or even a skin for the regular swarm drone, but I also really want to know why TC got rid of him and why nobody’s ever brought it up before. Were they exclusive to the Toland dam in gears 4? Did TC not like his design? That was my favorite swarm and I can’t even have that now. :confused:

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It’ll probably appear as an extra Drone skin at some point. The original Drone and original Sniper have both appeared. I suspect the other ones from GOW4 will too.

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I had wondered about this for a while. I’m guessing they simply just retconned it, or something? I don’t think they should completely do away with it, though. It’s a pretty cool design & honestly, kind of the only Swarm design I liked in Gears 4.

But, they could bring it back as like a Drone Sentinel or something like that. A more tactical Drone who leads a pack of Elites and wields a Lancer GL, maybe. Or he could be a Grenadier/Drone crossbreed with extra tough skin, hence the coloration & why he doesn’t need extra armor. I dunno, just trying to think of a backstory lol.
You could also say the reason they don’t show up in Gears 5 is because they were all sent to personally guard the Queen or something, so they mainly inhabit the main Hive, wherever that is. Similar to the Palace Guards in Nexus.

Or, ya know, they could do none of that, give no explanation & just randomly bring it back as a Drone skin one day. Or they might just do away with it & never mention it again lol.
Which, let’s be honest, those are probably the two most likely things to happen.

I would like to see it back, too, is my point lmao.

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I just assumed they were the drones that have been ‘‘active’’ longest. They had darker, tougher skin and more sophisticated gear, like they’ve have more prep time (Boots and armor.) But Gears 5 does a lot of jumping around to new hives, and we don’t see one single hive for as long as we do in Gears 4.

My initial thought about gears 5 years ago was that we were going to see Hives fully established, and I expected the drones to be black with old Locust gear. Like all of them are more like the elite from 4.

We jump around a lot in the Gears 5 Story though.

I’m sure you will be able to earn or buy it at some point.

I’m mostly a horde player and I miss the bolter. The drone that ran around with a boltok.

I think it’d be cool if they brought back cyclops. We saw the return of the locust in gears4 multiplayer but I don’t know if tc will do it again in G5

Don’t worry they took it out of the game at launch to reappear it in the store ! TC got you!

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Also he’s in a screenshot they put up where they live streamed horde before the game was out. The image was from the dev stream on Twitter. You can see the old drone elite model behind the laser wire.

Probably retconned until Gears 6. It was a point of emphasis in the campaign that the Swarm are just now learning (via their Queen) how to craft primitive weapons and armor out of metal scraps. This guy obviously doesn’t fit tha narrative (yet),

I could see this variant maybe becoming a skin for the Elite Drone in multiplayer though. Since it’s non-canon anyways.