Can someone PLEASE explain this to me

So active reload on the lancer I get hit 11 times and get downed he gets hit 11 times I only did 89% HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???


Perhaps the placement comes into play? I can’t watch right now so I can’t say but the subject does make me want to chime in about how I keep getting this scenario;
A guy will heads-down me while I pepper him with lancer. I switch to gnasher to finish him off as he gets close and get killed. The death screen only counts the 1 gnasher shot. I’ve clipped this enough times to see the lancer is landing but for some reason the game just ignores it.

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He shot you in the face, doing extra higher damage from headshot multiplier.
While you shot his body which does less damage than hitting the head.


regardless of headshots doesn’t it take 10/11 shots to down someone with the lancer? I never see 12 hits when someone kills me its ALWAYS 10 or 11


I think it’s 11 shots as that’s the number I always see when I’m downed by a Lancer.

Thats all I ever see.

He was shooting you in the head. You were shooting at his legs/hip area. Headshots = more damage. Hence he downed you before you could down him.

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I understand headshot = more damage but I was always under the impression that it took 11 shots to down someone regardless of placement. As I’ve asked this question in the forums and got the same response…11 shots, less if its headshots. I’ve been downed with 9 shots to the head. That being said it would have taken me 13 shots to put him down…I’ve never seen someone take 13 shots to get downed


I’ve never really paid attention. Maybe I’ll go into a private and try it out.

Headshots vs body is all I saw, but it aint that egregious

You were shooting him in the legs? May have less of a multiplier. Also I think it can take 12 hits to kill if you don’t get any headshots or whatever.

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headshots if you have a perfect reload on a lancer if they hit you 9 times in the head you go down and 12 in the body i believe

apparently it was because of the shots in the head, although you had to have shot down the 11 shots …:thinking:

I don’t have clip, but i saw yet 97 and 98% with a boomer under feet, the guys weren’t die

You were clearly next, at the beginning, him not. Look at well your clip

I can explain you what happen - trash game, trash ping and macdonalds connection.
The TC released a big ■■■■ sandwich for 100$, and we eat it together

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Bad day happens man, bad beats are the results

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100% sometimes and just down, so extra life of 0.0001%

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Right, but no every day…

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