Can someone please confirm

Got a little frustrated today after continuously getting subpar teammates. I was questioning why are bronze/silver players in diamond+ mmr games. It’s not fun for both parties, Being diamond in gears 4 it was rare to even have a teammate or enemy in gold rank.

Anyway I was told that you are purposely matched with these players who have less “skill” than you. You’re supposed to carry them. Honestly… why? Who asked for this? I don’t understand.

I usually play solo. How can I get 2 or 3 of these players on my team and face a 4 stack if this is the case? Should I not be matched with players in similar circumstances? All this does is make me want to only queue up as a 4 man.

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It’s my understanding that the ranks in Gears 4 were/are somewhat inflated because at some point they relaxed the system a bit so more people could achieve higher ranks or is that incorrect? (Genuine question)

The same Onyx players in G4 might be Silver 3s or Golds in G5 also trying to rank up.

As far as the matchmaking goes it’s not necessarily picking out less skilled players to be matched with you, they’re just pulling from who’s available quickly to make the “fairest” match possible.

In theory, if a team of 5 Masters queued and there’s another team of 5 masters available the system would make that match happen seeing as the skill points are about even.

But Masters/Diamonds are the top %1 and the chances of the system finding 10 Master players to play a game with you in a timely fashion just isn’t a intuitive way to do matchmaking.

You’re expected perform based on your rank relative to who ends up on your team and total team skill respective to your opposition (who’s expected to win).

If your total team skills is around 65,000 and your points are like 19000 the system expects you perform about 30% of the points/work. But that’s relative to the systems prediction on the outcome of the match.

So the system could actually have very low expectations for your team but it stills expects you to perform at the level it predicts for you.

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I think that might be the case because I had a straight loss on ranked KOTH but did well on my team being at the top of it and gained points.