Can someone please check my account, ranking its glitched

I started doing rank matches with a friend couple of weeks ago, He is onyx 2 and Im still silver 3. Im usually at top, get a lot ofkills, points and win alot, no matter what i do Im stuck at silver 3, i check my progress here after 1 match and the % doesnt move, at this point i know there is def something wrong with my account regarding ranking, please any dev, gm or whoever fix this

Have you tried looking at the stats page after couple of matches? The status page doesn’t update your rnk progression instantly. There is a delay and so it can take a while for the site to update.

For me I look at the stats site every couple of matches and sometimes it updates and sometimes it takes longer but it DOES update

Thats not true, the stats page updates instantly after you have won or lost a match. Sometimes you get 0% from a W and sometimes you loose 0% from an L.

@Luentrix That your rank is stuck is not unusual, it happens to alot of people. I won a game earlier against a D5, D3 and D2 and I did not get 1% of that game. Its sad but it is how it is.