Can someone explain the points scoring please?

Doesn’t matter whether my team wins or loses, how many eliminations or deaths I have, I always lose points.

Can anyone tell me how the points work?

Do you play with friends or solo?
I think if you play solo you have the greatest chance of gaining rank. If you play in a squad it seems like only 1 will gain rank. Therefor allot of people get stuck in low ranks. While one friend will gain.

No, the answer is no. Nobody knows how it works. Look around at all the threads even after the ranking system was “fixed”.

I play on my own. Played this morning and in one game I had a shocker. Finished bottom, our team lost, yet I gained points :man_shrugging:t2:

Well, thats weird. I haven’t played enough since the reset to gain any knowledge from how it works… But i can tell that when i play solo i gain allot of points when winning and if i run with friends it seems to be negative or small amounts of gains. Which i find wierd because i can be silver when playing with freinds and diamond when playing solo. Maybe its reversed for you.

However it doesn’t seem to reflect the right rank. I mean it should be able to notice that im not a silver player when playing with freinds if iam a diamond playing solo…