Can someone explain stim?

Can someone help me understand stim better? Clearly it adds some kind of shield, but I see on different cards it is either a percent or an HP amount.

Kait - Stim Batteries = stim capacity increased by X %, Reaper = executing enemies gives X % stim
Del - Repairing provides X% stim
Marcus - Living Legend provides X stim per second (not a percent), Defensive Stim - stim capacity increased X %
COG - Get up = Team revive provides X% stim, Snub provides X HP stim for nearby allies (another unit for stim HP)
Emile - Halo = regenerate stim (no amount, unit, or percent provided)
Kat - Halo, also Stim Capacity card increases stim capacity by X %
Grace - stim syphon = melee hits grant X% stim
Lizzie - Dealing damage grants X HP stim

So stim is given as a %, an HP, or just a number (in Marcus’s case)
How much HP worth of stim = 100% of stim?
Once you get an initial amount of stim, does it accumulate on you until you are at 100%, or more if you have increased capacity? Is there an indication that you are at full capacity or not? Is there an indication once you already have some stim that you are doing something to get more?

My experience with stim, is that I do the action that earns me some arbitrary amount of stim. I start to have that shield glow on me, and it disappears if I take damage.


Excellent questions. I’d like to understand it better too. Where are our numbers people nowadays?


Anyone else notice we can’t tag TC employees anymore?

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Here’s what SonicSpeed2000 had to say about it back in September:

"Stim heals your Health when you are wounded, and when your Health is full, additional hitpoints are added on top of your Health. Think of them as ablative armor. I’ll call this “Stim Health”.

When you receive Stim Health, they are preserved and do not decay on its own. It is only lost when you take damage, and when you do Stim Health is lost first, so it protects your Health (flesh).

Increased Stim Capacity means the maximum amount of Stim Health one can have is increased. So with Defensive Stim, the amount of damage you can take before you go down is increased. However, you must have a way of generating Stim; for Marcus, Band of Brothers is the only option. Without it, Defensive Stim just wastes a slot.

This is my subjective opinion, but I highly recommending getting a Stim card. In Wave 40+ where enemies do x2.5 damage AND “More Lethal” Modifier is enabled, a single shot from Elite Sniper / DR-1 Devastator will immediately put you down. Any enemy melee attacks will down you as well. Enemies with rapid-fire weapons like the Claw will put you down within 0.2 seconds, which is faster than the average human reaction time.
Stim prevents you from being one-shotted. It’s definitely a boon to have, and going down less will make you look better at the game."

I wonder if the Campaign gives some official, concrete information on Stim? I’ve barely played it.


Trouble is, campaign Stim is quite different to other modes. It’s linked to one of JACK’s abilities and is time-limited. I recall that during this time you can take as much damage as you want within the time of effect. If you take no damage at all in that time the Stim just disappears by itself.

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It allows you to take a lot of damage, but not infinite amounts of it, in Campaign. Heavy hitting attacks(eg Snatcher quills, Sniper shots, explosives) will take all of it off but not down or kill you.

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If I can deal damage and earn 4 HP of stim, is that more or less than doing damage that earns me 4 % stim?

It feels like the minimum amount of stim protects me from 1 attack, and the maximum amount of stim (that I have had) protects me from 1 attack.

Have others experienced using increased stim capacity in which your stim absorbs more than one attack and remains intact?

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Yes. I have played Kat with +100% Stim Capacity which is Rare card and she’s able to tank two or three Claw shots on Inconceivable or Master before Stim gone.


—Skill Card: Halo—
“Taking no damage for 5s will regenerate Stim.”
Initially, Stim shows as a visual effect only on the character model. As it charges - at a rate of 25% (~125HP) Stim/minute, or ~0.4% (~2.08HP) Stim/second - the hexagonal grid pattern creeps onto the screen. After waiting undamaged for 4 minutes, a faint cog outline appears in the centre, indicating a full charge.

It is the same here with Emile. At full capacity on Intermediate (Regeneration Modifier selected), this Stim can withstand 4 standard attacks from a Reject.

—Skill Card: Stim Capacity (Kat)—
“Kat-B320 gains 50% increased Stim capacity.”
Standard Stim is ~500HP. Plus 50%, allows for a total of ~750HP. No additional effects are shown on-screen but the faint cog image in the centre is delayed until you reach full capacity. Charges on its own at the same rate as mentioned above. The card being at Level 2 for me, I had to remain undamaged for 6 minutes to get a full charge. As with all Stim Capacity cards, it synergises well with Band of Brothers and Helpful Headshots for fast Stim generation.

  • 1hp of Stim can take 1 hit,doesn’t matter if is a pistol bullet or a Boomshoot,I even took a Dropshot and survived.
    -A lot of Stim resist several hits,all depends on enemy weapon’s damage.
    -In rare occasions I lost and recovered Stim several times in seconds,that happens with Lizzie Stim card during a shooting Exchange.
    Oh,I think you can’t get Stim as long as you are damaged (in red),no matter how much of damage you are doing,you need to heal first,then Stim will be added.

Yes that is key. A single instance of damage will never penetrate Stim and Health.

—Skill Card: Healing Repair—
“Repairing provides 2.6% Stim.”
Del’s Stim does not charge up automatically at any point. Instead, each tick of repairing provides Del with ~25% (125HP) Stim. One huge advantage here is that it also grants Health first, at the same rate, before applying Stim. It is represented on-screen in these 4 phases (with the hex pattern briefly glowing brighter to highlight each activation):

Stim at ~25%

Stim at ~50%

Stim at ~75%

Stim at 100%

—Defensive Capability—
At 100% capacity, Del’s Stim offers the same protection as that of Kat or Emile. Each can absorb either 4 attacks from a Reject, or 5 hits from a Juvie, tested on Intermediate as in my above post. To achieve a full Stim charge, the Halo characters must wait undamaged for 4 minutes, while Del simply needs to do less than one second of repairing.


dels weird because it gives way more than 3%. The values are wrong or the card is carded incorrectly. Del can go from full red to fully stim’d in like 3-4 seconds. That doesn’t match what the card says.

Same thing goes for lahnis bleed card, where she heals for 33% of her health or what not when near a bleeding enemy. The rate in which she regains hp is far greater than what the card says.

I think the max stim is probably 100? Maybe 200? Easy way to test is get marcus + cog gear and blind fire headshots and count the shots. Or maybe even lahni and count the bullets to get max stim.

Marcus’s ult card doesn’t heal him despite dels stim healing him, although I think it’s being fix’d next patch as it’s pretty inconsistent in general.

Once you get an initial amount of stim, does it accumulate on you until you are at 100%, or more if you have increased capacity?

Answer : It fills up until it’s 100%. If you had 100% increased stim capacity, it’ll treat the 100% as 200%. So a large stim pack you pick up on escape as Marcus will give you 100% stim, which acts as 200%. Pretty much, that card doubles the effect of stim. So 1% stim is treated as 2%.

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Thanks. It’s true, the given description for Healing Repair is nonsense.

After further testing, I have updated my above posts with more accurate information.

Is this on any level of difficulty?

Damage testing was done on Intermediate, with only the Regeneration Modifier active.

Edit: In recent damage testing to compare Stim vs Health, I controlled for health regeneration by selecting the Regen Penalty Mod. Also I allowed groups of enemies to attack at once, rather than just a single enemy.

Thanks. I was curious if you’d still go down before you could react on inconceivable or master.

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—Stim and Health—
A full Stim charge is equivalent to approximately 25% Health. According to my testing, Health is ~2000HP, and Stim is ~500HP. Of course, Stim has the added benefit of absorbing any single damage instance.

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Thanks for sharing your efforts and knowledge on this subject.

Lizzie’s is pretty cool, I was getting stim from a shock grenade I had placed across the map which an enemy triggered

Yeah, Lizzie’s one is far more versatile and probably the most useful Stim ability cos any damage done counts. I always make a note to carry frags of shocks, and to plant one at the start of a wave just to give me an extra Stim boost when the enemies arrive.

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