Can someone explain ping to me? A beg

I thought low ping meant faster response times and better accuracy, but I’m seeing on the subreddit and here on the forum where players complain about other players having higher ping. Which is more favorable to have?

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High ping.

In most games and always in real life, lower ping means less latency.

In Gears 4&5, there is a lag compensation model that doesn’t work well. Usually it gives the advantage to the higher ping players.


I believe it refers to the millisecond delay of your connection.

So a ping of 100 = 100 millisecond delay, or 0.1 seconds.

In theory lower = better.

But this game sometimes 100+ ping gets better priority.


Also playing versus Link?:slightly_smiling_face:

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In my experience higher pings have Superpowers almost all the time. :frowning:

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Haha ofc I am

God mode

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Quick play? I would be down later tonight.

We can also discuss the ping :wink:

I have already explained ping-ponging: