Can someone explain how you go down on a comp leaderboard when you win and are mvp?

Dont understand this system at all. Just played a match of control. Was MVP. Throttled the other team. And moved down on the leaderboard? Then I have matches where we lose and I am 3 out of 4n and move up. Its very confusing.

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Other people are playing games as well


@KITTY_CAT_ALERT okay…i get that…so basically what are you supposed to do to move up. Do well and hope other people dont? It just seems odd to move backward by winning and dominating.

That’s what I was seeing in other threads
Everyone is moving up and down

it’s just a points leaderboard.

play more than the other people above you.

that’s it


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Rush RAAM is fourth on the leaderboard for control and plays 7 hours a day. That’s the kind of thing you’re up against unfortunately.


Ignore the leaderboards and play for fun


got +0 for 4 games in a row. at the end i was a lower rank then when i started… its beyond bugged, dont know how i could ever achieve 500.000 points like this

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It’s all about how much you play not how well you do in one game.


Last night I played a match. One of our teammates quit so we running 3v4. We still won. I had 45 Elims and finished with 12k points and MVP. And my rank went DOWN. Lol

You know the the forums only support English right???

What you said makes no sense

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Man I wish I had no life as well…damn adult hood


I haven’t read how these leaderboards worked but thought they surely can’t just be a points table. Now I see that’s all it is - good news for no lifers and bad news for skilled players who have other things to do in life.


Simple solution, bring back ranks.

Gives you something to strive for and achieve every season in each game mode. Then it resets the next season and you get to do it all over again.

Leaderboard is boring , stale and lame. Kills the replay value of the game. I’m shocked the developers and team at TC have not realized this yet.

@TC_Shauny @TC_Sera


Yeah ikr, I get 5 max after work. Says he has a job but I don’t buy it :joy:


i dont understand how they worked tirelessly on a ranking system, said it was their NUMBER ONE PRIORITY then took it out for … just leaderboards.

You know, we can have leaderboards AND a ranking system.

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Did the post-game screen happen to show zero points received from that match? Because I get that sometimes and when it happens it says I go down in rankings.
But it’s false information. The game just failed to load the match results but the points are still received normally (when I check my stats and ranking after that it shows the updated score and ranking).

If it looks like you receive zero points after a match, I suggest checking stats and leaderboards because it’s likely the same thing that happens to me on occasion.
If that’s not what happened, then some other people probably scored higher and went past you on the leaderboard, as someone already mentioned.

Seems to be bugged sometimes, by marking 0 points scored and marking your position going down, buuut… your actual results will still be going into the leaderboard, so just double check your position when you finish (if you won).

If you loose, you will still earn points unless the score was kind of low

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this is speculation on my part but I think the smaller playerbase just could not support a Ranked system across 16 tiers. TC ripped the Band-Aid off early.

if you look at this image it tells us that a vast majority of the playerbase was getting matched with each other anyway, regardless of rank. (+2 -2)

as the base continues to dwindle, it just gets worse and we’d be looking at +3 -3 eventually. basically everyone playing with everyone.

I’m not sure how wide the current SBMM(Trueskill) rank is but it doesn’t have to adhere to a set Rank rule for all modes. Control can have tighter skill gaps while Guardian can be wider.

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