Can someone explain how to swap weapons with squad AI?

I’ve seen people playing the campaign of Gears 5 (and GoW 4) swapping weapons with their squad AI, but I’ve tried it in game and can’t manage.

Can someone please tell me how this is done? There’s times I’d love to be able to give a Longshot to a squad AI for an area we’re going into, while keeping my Retro and regular Lancers.

Also, can you give them heavy weapons as well?

Hard aim and press X. At least on Xbox.

Hard aim facing the AI character with the gun you want to swap (of yours) and press X*

Thanks guys, anyone know how it’s done on Keyboard/Mouse then? Or at least can you tell me what other actions the X on the gamepad performs?

Well I took a look and think I found it here.

I would think it’s E on Keyboard then, which is I think what I saw those playing with Keyboard/Mouse using for weapon swapping with AI.

Thanks again

what is that in key/mouse? what actions are those buttons. I get aim, but what does x action is? “e” on pc? for arming? enter vehicle and such?

You should get a pop up on pc telling you what button. Did you turn off your hud or something?

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No, I didn’t turn off the HUD. I’ve been playing on Inconceivable in Gears of War 4 lately and in that game when you take aim at squad mates when close to them it says R to swap for their secondary weapon, and it works well.

Not sure yet how it works in Gears 5, but I’ve since uninstalled it for space on my NVMe, and never needed to use it in that game. I suppose I will eventually try another play through with added challenges like no HUD and maybe limited Jack upgrades.

I’m kinda at a stand still in GoW 4 right now at the last checkpoint of the Vulture battle. What a pain it is. It was hard enough to beat in on Insane, but I don’t know if I have the patience for Inconceivable. It’s a shame because every other battle I worried about has gone well so far.

I’ve been limiting my stress by playing mostly Metro Exodus on the holiday, now on Ranger Hardcore.