Can someone explain how quitting after someone else on your team has quit works in competitive?

In one match we had a leaver and when I tried to quit it DIDN’T threaten me with the points loss which made me think the ability to quit after someone else has was true as @Tinybel99 had told me. In the next match against a 4 stack another guy quit and since we were losing bad I tried to quit aswell but this time I was threatened with the quit penalty! Is there some set of rules needed before you can quit for free after someone else has?

W0LF i fks with you bro but you just made a similar thread bro.


Think the person that leaves gets 5mins to join back in, after that 5 mins it should give option to quit to main menu, this may have changed at some point though.

Best thing to do is not quit. Nobody likes quitters.

Ive played 1 guardian match this tour as none of my friends play gears 5 much anymore


No this is a different thing. I complained about a scoreboard in that thread this one is about being able to leave halfway through the match with no penalty.

Edit: Maybe this was bad form and I should have edited my other thread. Sorry if that’ the case.

It’s like when you lose connection and they still punish you and make you play quick matches.