Can someone explain how damage is calculated?

@Ektopei dont know. Can we? I havent found 1 person that knows how famage is calculated.

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I don’t man… however I can write regarding THE GREYS !! ! :smile:

I wasnt trying to be a smart ■■■ ektope. I legit thought when I posted this question I would have umpteen people spouting off stats. I had no idea that with this games 15 year history, people had no idea how the game calculates damage.
I use fortnite for a lot of comparisons. Whether you love the game or hate it. I don’t care. I have fun w/it. But besides that, its easy to understand how damage works. Every time you hit someone you get a hit marker that tells you damage done. Their are sound cues that let you know you cracked someone’s shield. You can look online and find detailed charts on what damage each weapon, and every variant of that weapon does. You can get charts on headshot multipliers…etc etc. Basically, if you wanna know, the info is out their.
I am clueless about damage in gears. I know Gibs have to do w/distance. Well, what is it? I assume headshots do more than body shots. I don’t know that for sure. Besides being in “gib range”, what else has to be done to successfully gib somebody. Is every pellet a requirement, or if you are close enough do you get a damage multiplier based on distance so you don’t have to have every one hit? How much damage per pellet for the gnasher? How much per hit for the Lancer? Body/head? Snub? Hard to stay topical when no one knows…I bet the Grey’s know though…

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My friend @FUNKDOKTOR you don’t have to explain anything. … You strike me as a good player and a nice person. I have never had any image of you of being a " smart asss" in any way man .

If anything I have been having a good time talking to you and learning about the GREYS . not everytime I learn something new.

I’m sorry I can’t be of any assistance regarding how damage its calculated , being honest I don’t know , however that doesn’t stop being nice to people anyways :slight_smile:

Kind Regards my friend


I appreciate that @D_A_N_III_3_L. I was wanting Mr @Ektope to understand that I don’t mind stayiing on topic as long as their is something relevant to discuss w/said topic. However it appears that damage calculating is as mysterious as the Phoenix lights, or Bigfoot, or Aliens. You see, just like the Grey’s and the Reptilians, we know that a system for calculating damage exist…irs just hard to prove and quantify. Honestly it might be easier to prove the existence of “GREYS” than it is a Damage calculation system in gears.

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I think man that the evidence shown by you man about the " SKINNY BOB VIDEO " , shows more than enough that the grey’s do exist , and are between us in this society, I just wonder if there are any greys on this forums somehow.

Without a doubt man A GREY could be able to figure it out how the damage its calculated within GEARS 5 , since they do possess far more advanced technology than AZURE SERVERS and more than capable in programming languages more complex than Python, C-Sharp or Ruby on Rails.

Idk if anyone knows specifically what you’re asking. It’s a pretty straight forward system. Do 100% damage and you’re down. Range plays a factor on every weapon due to fall off damage. I already said there’s no bonuses with the gnasher, but active reloads add stopping power to the claw and hammer burst (there are probably more.) our hit counters will turn orange if you connect with an active shot or Red if you connect with a headshot.

What do you actually want to know? just playing the game gives everyone a idea how damage is calculated. You should take part in the Dev streams if regular player can’t answer your questions. (forgive me if you already do, just a suggestion.)

I appreciate all the info. Specifically, how much damage does 1 Lancer bullet do? Is the damage different if I hit the head or the body.
How much damage per pellet strike does the gnasher do? How is the gib range determined? Meaning specific distance. And, if you are within gib range, but only 90%of your pellets hit, does that give you a gib, or is every pellet a requirement regardless of distance. How much damage does 1 Lancer bullet do if its in an active reload. How much damage does the boltok do? Etc etc etc. I undetstand the bare minimum of accumulated damage. I was wanting to know if their was a chart that broke damage down by actual bullet strike, by weapon, to specific spots on the body. And specifically what went into the calculation for a gib? Thanks

I would also love this information.



Finally someone stays on topic, there’s the math ppl

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@MikelTheLastOne lol. That is good stuff.

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