Can someone explain how damage is calculated?

I am hoping someone can give me a “crash course” in damage calculation? Where on the body affects what and how? How many pellets are required for a “gib”
Is it 100%. How would scoring have to add up to equal those awesome 97%. How does distance affect scoring with everything besides the gnasher Basically, as much info that you feel like giving me on how damage is scored. Thanks in advance,b/c this is a puzzling concept based on what I’ve seen.

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I hear it’s also considered a mystery in the studio :grin:



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that mistery and also the mistery of what happened with the aliens in area 51 man, nobody knows if those aliens were real or they were rubber dolls with the shape of a Grey.

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Am i understanding that for all the people that play this game and have played for years, that info is elusive? Wow…wasn’t ecpecting this…

To be fair,the mechanics change and are inconsistent, especially the Gnasher which has changed several times in GOW5 alone. TC have released articles about say, how the Gnasher works and changes made to that (I recall particular articles on the Gnasher pellet patterns in GOW4 for example), but damage done? Hard to know. Headshots do most damage, but the Gnasher has gib range (which was recently changed). Broadly speaking, with rifles and so on, just go for the head if you can.

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@D_A_N_III_3_L they werent dolls. If you havent ever seen the documentary on Netflix called “Unacknowledged” …watch it. Its an AMAZING documentary. Also, go take a gander at “skinny Bob” on youtube. Just do a YouTube search for “skinny Bob”. Pretty fascinating. But if you haven’t seen unacknowledged. Its must see. Imo the greatest most informative ufo documentary ever made.

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From what I can tell, the rifles and pistols give a bonus to damage for headshots. The gnasher is the only gun in the game that doesn’t have bonus headshot damage and/or active reload buff.

The game will also display the current damage your opponent is at when you die, even if they heal up, but the amount of hits will be displayed regardless. That’s how you end up with %20 in 5-6 hits.

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how are you ? :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve seen that there is a documentary called " UNACKNOWLEDGED" however I haven’t watch it, Ill give it a go… so just for my understanding the aliens that were captured that are these ones:


these were real ?

@D_A_N_III_3_L Here is a link that shows some of the skinny Bob footage. Their are lots of opinions about this. But lots of video experts say this doesn’t appear to be CGI, and if it is its better than what Hollywood can do. I 100% think the video is real. But,I also 1,000,000% know that Ufo’s and Aliens are just as real as we are. Just too much video. Too much evidence. Watch unacknowledged. You seem to be a believer. But if you have doubts, it would be hard to have them after watching that documentary. It’s fascinating. An Fyi, unacknowledged has nothing to do w/skinny Bob. The skinny Bob footage was supposedly taken in a Russian KGB facility in the mid 1900’s. Somebody leaked it in 2011.

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Oh my god man @FUNKDOKTOR I got ■■■■■■■■ scared watching this man … I’ve never seen that before, and it looks so real man … I think they GREYS really do exist I mean… look at that !!.

shiet man … I have to agree this is perhaps one of the most terrifyng videos I ever seen.

I’m going to watch it today man the documentary… and yes man this video really looks real .

shiet man those greys man… seems to me that they look like young kids.

If your far away say 20 feet gnasher shot is 100%. If your up close with the gnasher aiming point blank at an enemy’s face it’s 97% or no register. Pretty simple.

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It’s a magic act. Like making the player base disappear!


Inconsistent? More like Manic! Lol


It wasn’t a magic act at all man , if the game was good, working correctly and with enough content without a doubt the playerbase would have stayed .

In that specific aspect it didn’t require any magic at all !! :smile:

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@D_A_N_III_3_L it may look scary, but don’t be scared. I think skinny Bob was a very cool dude. Im 99.9% sure its real. Nobody has ever come forward saying they faked it and could prove it. And, lemme know what you think about unacknowledged. Its amaze-balls. Their is other life out there. They come here all the time. Our government knows it. Our government has proof of it its kinda maddening all the secrets that get kept from us. Let me know what you think after you watch it. Peace

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Of course my friend Ill give it a watch and Ill send you over a message to let you know my thoughts about it.

I do agree with you that the GREYS do exist man , and without a doubt the US Goverment as well as Mexican Goverment has kept us a lot of secrets regarding the existence and interaction with the GREYS.

I find it fascinating the topic man . and Ill give you a message soon.

Thanks my friend for letting me know aout SKINNY BOB, I never thought I would learn something like that in these forums :slight_smile:



@D_A_N_III_3_Lyour welcome. Its nice to share info w/open minded people. Ironically, my wife was a skeptic/non believer for a long time, and now she is a 100% believer and she told me about skinny Bob. Interestingly, the Travel Channel has some reallyy great programming regarding the Paranormal and the Supernatural. Their is a show that comes on Wednesday nights called , “Paranormal caught on Camera”. This show has some amazing caught on camera stuff pertaining to ufo’s, ghost and spirits, and cryptids(creatures that havent been identified). William Shatner does a show called “the unexplained”. Youve got “ghost adventures” which is hands down one of the most fascinating shows ever regards ghosts, kindred spirits, and a new show called ghost loop which is really great as well. A nyways, i could go on all day about that stuff. If you ever wanna talk shop holler.

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How did this get to bloody aliens when it was a question about Gnasher/overall damage calculation?

And it’s very likely there is life out there that hasn’t yet been discovered, given the amount of planets that can be found in habitable zones.


Could we stay on topic?

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