Can people who quit/leave horde drop their power please?

Having two people horde 50K power each then afk and get kicked is disheartening when they don’t drop their power for us who stay… can this be implemented into the game please?

As well as not limiting what people can buy/upgrade per character


Don’t play with people’s who keep 50k for themselves

You realize it’s easy to get 50k power with a jack who constantly dismantled weapons right? (Keep in mind these players were splint screen afk leechers who wouldn’t do anything and joined after I started meaning due to the bug I couldn’t kick them)

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That would be a good feature that way power doesn’t go to waste.

unfortunatley the games really poor changes/design… ie heros tied to classes…gives you this…your quitters/trollers and peoples dislike of a game mode that now strangles any fun out of it…will leave you feeling like this a lot…your definetly going to find yourself playing with bots a lot more

Or you’ll be in groups looking. Groups is a good way to find people to stick around. Either way, Horde does need a lot of fixes to be better. The tieing classes to characters was a huge mistake.

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onyx i tried a couple of custom games…only slightly better than public, but managed to get a 50 done…a least on custom people can join as others leave…the class locks and buying your own perks are killing it though.

Yeah, the class locks and perks do kill it. I agree there.

There is a group system though you can search on to find people to play with. That’s how I get most of my Horde matches done is searching for like-minded people willing to stay the whole match. Besides the drops, which happens, at least we all know what we’re in for when we start.

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Totally agree.
There used to be a lot of people on gow 3 that would give there money to another player and there ammo at times…
Shame people haven’t thought of that in this game.

TC added a feature in Gears of War 4’s horde mode that automatically deposits any quitter’s energy in the fabricator as soon as they leave. I don’t know why they didn’t keep that feature in 5.

The ability to make custom games is nice, because at that point people being able to join in progress and leave then other join is fine by me, makes it easy to consistently have 5 real people and get to and beat 50.

The biggest issue that TC did with horde was the fortifications systems and upgrades…
In gears three there were pre set fortification locations THAT WORKED WELL and you could drain the cash to upgrade them super fast or over time if you want.

In gears 4 you could buy as many as you want and place them where you want BUT you had to spend a god awful amount of power to upgrade the fabricator which was a huge time gate to upgrade your stuff, BUT ANYONE COULD BUILD ANYTHING

now its back to gears three in the sense that the engineer can buy stuff and focus early upgrades or over time but only the engineer can upgrade, and only certain characters can buy certain things which is a HUGE handicap if you dont want to play engineer all the time and your engineer leaves (or refuses to upgrade anything or buy stuff)

-Keep the removal of fabricator upgrade requirement being needed to upgrade stuff.
-Remove the class specific builds IE: allow all characters to build everything
-Allow all characters to upgrade/repair
-Remove perks OR give all players in game perks but tone down the price (currently DEL doesnt get perks but having one like 5% faster repairs would be nice)
-bring back troika turrets/mannable turrets
-remove character based class restrictions (for those who want to play certain characters but not be forced into certain roles IE kait shouldnt be forced into being a scout with the only exception to a role lock being the jack player)
-have a pre set meta for random searchs to autofill roles, and allow hosts to lock slots for specific roles (IE slot1: any slot 2: eng, slot 3 scout ect.)
-players who leave the game either drop their power or its automatically deposited
-players who die drop their power on death
-players must “participate” at least once every three waves or they get kicked(participation means they kill/get an assist on something/ build/ do something considered gameplay beyond just crouching up and down in cover or slightly moving)
-fix the bug so host can kick players who join in late
-Dont pause the game if the host wants to use the chat feature

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I had a suggestion for this about player eliminations or special challenges like Gears 4 give you points that you can spend instead of power and all power gets put into the fabricator automatically like 4. The points system is challenges completed and you can spend your points instead of worrying about how much power is needed for the engineer.

The automatic deposit on fabricator sucked though imo because if you were saving power for something specific people could mess that up and be selfish and spend it on whats not needed like weapons or excess defenses (or even revive people near the ends of rounds)

just going to say it for the millionth time to you all.

playing with randoms is the worst experience you will have with horde. find 4 people with mics and want to run it like it should be.

  • host your own match and title “mics required 1-50” . ive had good luck with this. or just find one like it.
  • hosting your own match, you can kick people that do not have mics.
  • search xbox groups or the forums for people who want to run 50.

I agree this is very friendly towards deaf and hard of hearing players.

especially since the text system they have is not very great for console players. hosts have to pause the game entirely to send a text to the team if they arent on mics.

No, PC and Xbox players can use keyboard.

why i said console players. most xbox users are not using a keyboard while playing. PC players obviously can type away while playing and in between rounds.

I swear TC said this was going to be a thing where it automatically deposited quitters energy

Yes I agree that players who quit or are kicked due to inactivity should drop their power when they leave. I feel like that was a bit of an oversight by TC.